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  1. The Trustees of Reservations is actually one of largest land owners in Massachusetts with properties spread throughout the state.
  2. I’ll take $175 in cash picked up. I’ll message you with details.
  3. 2203R just as it says on the label on the last photo. Sorry that was a typo above.
  4. Selling a Renzetti Saltwater Traveler flying fishing vice with pedestal base model # SC2003R (right hand). I purchased this vice new but I haven’t even taken it out of the box since I purchased it since I have no time to tie flies. Price is $200 and located in Falmouth on Cape Cod.
  5. Update on the trip. Sayulita is great! But no luck surf casting 2 mornings even though the pelicans and boobies were active. I did see a large sierra air out outside my casting range. Between Family and Montezumas revenge on last day kept me from trying more. But the wife and I did get out with Capt Chuy and we filled the box with yellowfin to 50lbs! Landed several on topwater to top it off too. So I can’t complain 8-)
  6. I haven’t fished the TFO travel rods but if they’re anything like the fly rods then they should be good too. And if they have the same warranty a lifetime $45 no questions asked replacement then 8 would lean towards that. I’m sure the Offshore Angler is 1 year. Not sure where you’re located but if in new england you can hit up the bears den to try out tHe TFO spin rods and then can even pop over to bass pro to try their rods.
  7. For the price you can’t beat the Offshore Angler Travel Rods. I’ve had a 7ft MH for 15 years and its been awesome and can punch out of its class. I also have a Gloomis 7ft M travel rod, the escape series, the older version before they became stupid expensive, and it is a really sweet rod for inshore use. St Croix made the tidewater travel rod series that I know people liked alot but I’m not sure its made anymore. I also have an okuma nomad 7ft heavy rod and its decent but definitely not the quality of the others or as castable. More like an ugly stick with slower action but it still works and they could be had cheap.
  8. Anyone have a Snowbee XS travel luggage bag? Reminds me of the Gloomis bag from 10+ years ago. I wonder how well it holds up for the price and what size travel rods it holds considerably its 37” long? Also, total dimensions are 64.5” that appear to exceed the oversize baggage threshold of 62” and I was wondering if anyone has had any issue with this? Rather not get hit with $100-200 oversize fees each way. Thanks in advance and I did a search already that came up empty.
  9. Sorry for late reply. Chuy is right in the marina and does both inshore and offshore fishing as well as just sight seeing/beach trips to the Marietas. The only knock is that his english isn't great but he speaks better than he writes. His website is down but I think this is his email and he's active on Facebook and social Media (see screenshot). The nice part about PM is that you're right at the mouth of the bay so it shaves off like 30 mi from a lot of other boats that leave out of PV. I can't post a link but you can search on BD for my 2015 report thread entitled "PV Report Mid-Nov.....Pop Pop Boom" that detailed two 2 fishing with him with pics.
  10. The impetus to bring the VS is also because I plan to use it offshore as last time landed yellowfin to 150lbs and rather not bring multiple setups if I don't have to. Thanks I plan to bring some ranger type lures, metals, and long casting poppers/plugs.
  11. Thanks! i forgot about HPD and Sergio, and I remember HPD had a website at one point. I'll do some searches.
  12. Thanks tpoliti, sounds good. Yea I'd imagine that BD has more info on the area although most of the fishing on that page is boat based. I actually was in Punta de Mita about 6 years and stayed at a small AirBNB and really enjoyed the quiet town (away from the four seasons). I chartered with Captain Jesus "Chuy" Gorrillas on his Super Panga(~30ft twin engine) who is based there. We caught yellowfin to 200lbs, a monster sail, mahi, and had shots at marlin. He also does inshore trips for roosters, groupers, jacks, snappers, etc too and I can give you his contact if you want it. I tried some surf fishing inside the point on the bayside and didn't catch anything although truth be told we didn't hit it that hard.. We borrowed some kayaks from the AirBNB and tried some yak fishing but it was slow other than blitz of mirco false albacore. Some larger center console/sport fishers were slow trolling a little further out with live bait. This time with the family in tow we'll be in Sayulita that is open coast so I'll be dealing with the pacific surf.
  13. Headed to Sayulita, Mexico in February for a family trip and I was wondering if anyone has any experience surf fishing that area? Sayulita is on the open coast about an hour from Puerto Vallarta and southeast of Baja by ~300miles. I've got a day already booked with a reputable guide to target offshore species, but I'm wondering what to expect as far as surf fishing goes so that i can pack efficiently considering we have a lot of kids crap coming with us. Right now I'm thinking I'll bring my VSB250 and my 8'6" PE5-7 Temple Reef travel rod and an assortment of long casting lures/metals. Hopefully the only corona we see is in bottle form....
  14. I wasn't aware that they were discontinuing it! Call TFO and ask them if the warranty will still apply but I think that it should if you buy from authorized dealer. You fight fish with the reels/rod butt anyways and if your not in current you should be fine.
  15. I have an 8 wt BVK that I use on Cape Cod and its a great rod. I've heard that they're not the most durable but haven't had an issue yet although mine hasn't be torture tested yet. You can easily land bass 20lbs plus in still water on it...where it gets harder is in fast water such as fast rivers or tidal rips. The saving grave is that TFO has a great warranty so if you ever break it you can get it replaced.