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  1. Sold pending payment
  2. Been a while, but I can work with that. I'll PM you...
  3. I double checked and there is nothing wrong with the foot. It was just some bad lighting and a little grease that I cleaned out. I also took shots of the inside of the frame with the spool off along with a shot of the foot on the inside to show more details.
  4. Selling a used silver Nautilus CCF-X2 6/8 in great condition with 8wt line and pouch. This is a great all around reel for the fresh or salt as its very light. I'm located on Cape Cod and I'm only interested in a local sale as I am not dealing with Paypal anymore. Price is $350.
  5. Thanks for the input. Called Daiwa and they were backordered of course, but they referred me to Dave's Parts who hooked had them in stock. Thanks!
  6. Curious how folks like them compared to say an Orvis Hydros in same price range? For the price you can stock on reels but if they don't hold up and don't keep stock on parts then that's a problem.
  7. I didn't realized that he passed, when did it happen? I followed him for years including all the way back on Reel Time forum (think that was it?). Great poster will be missed.
  8. As someone mentioned we used to also have Atlantic Salmon and don't forget about American Shad, and sea run brook trout. 100 years ago they used to net brookies commercially along the coasts. Imagine if we had those fisheries today! I think the issue is two fold, commercial fishing practices combined with poor water quality. As our region has become more developed, especially the coast and Cape Cod, you have more runoff from the land as well as wastewater input from all the septic systems. This influx of runoff and nutrients has caused the turbidty of the water to increase and spawn algal blooms that darkens the water further and robs the water of oxygen. This in turn has affected our streams and rivers where many of these species spawn, and also stressed and killed off many of our eel grass beds. Without eel grass beds bay scallops and other eusterine fish like weakfish don't have the nursery they need to grow, which has impacts throughout the food chain. Through mismanaged fishing pressure on top of that and its no wonder so many species are gone.
  9. What's the best place to find Daiwa parts? Need some parts for some Daiwa BG spinners that I am servicing but having trouble find them online. Or is it just best to call the factory?
  10. For anyone interested, they apparently have new old stock of this model available on the mobile orvis site that I was able to get to from FB. If you use a browser on computer it doesn't show up.
  11. Still available. Sorry been busy. Will PM you.
  12. Don't know if you still have that tioga 8 for sale.

    if it is ...I just posted an Offer 

  13. No crying here, people are just annoyed that you detracted the OP's whole thread because you are so triggered by HATCH. But its really my mistake as I forgot to not feed the Merry Christmas and hopefully Santa doesn't leave ones of those POS under your tree.
  14. Hmm so you've never actually used one then? Plenty of documented hydros failures if you use the search function too. But Hatch is the trout company hyped on marketing with no place in the salt, yet Vermont based Orvis is not? O brother To the OP - as stated by others you should be fine with a large arbor for fishing the northeast. And if you find that you need more backing you can always pick up a spare spool later. The Gen1 spools are interchangeable with the Gen2 too if you find some used ones.