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  1. soooo last few weeks I have done pretty decent fishing around peanuts. Albie Snax are schoolie slayers. 5inch sand eel is also pretty lethal. My question now is, how the hell do you get the big girls to bite when fishing tiny plastics? Last night I was surrounded by hundreds of schoolies and some BIG fish (Huge marks on FF and saw a couple 40+ inch fish swim by). Tried pretty much everything in my arsenal for big fish after I got tired of catching sub 20inchers. No luck.
  2. I have a malone one that suctions to my rear windshield. Incredibly helpful and cheap (60 bucks). I prop the yak up and roll it up, super easy as long as there aren't 50MPH winds.
  3. Might be a stupid thought but does anyone throw small diamond jigs that you would use for macs when peanuts are around? I've caught schoolies on them when trying to catch Macs before but it seems they could be a decent imitation of peanuts?
  4. I've had a tough last couple weeks with the same situation. I'm on a kayak but there is very little I feel confident in throwing when peanuts are everywhere. Following this thread to see what people think..
  5. I fish mid coast Maine every summer from late June - August. Late June was awesome this year. Pogie schools invaded our bay and along came some big bass with it. Shoot me a PM if your looking for anymore guidance besides just "Yes, you will have a great time". Tight lines man.
  6. Got out a couple times this week in the yak. Pogies and Macs are pretty much MIA in my bay so turned to the artificials. Had some action early morning & evening on noisy poppers. Nothing to write home about but a fun bite nonetheless. Managed one slot last night trolling bomber about hour after sunset.
  7. Got out in the yak for first light in a certain North Shore harbor on July 30th.. Second cast, my buddy and I were getting blown up on working cotton cordell pencils in about 4-10 feet of water, right off the beach. Ended up nabbing about 8 fish between the two of us, most on top water in the 20 - 26inch range. Ton of fun watching the pencil get smacked around every other cast for roughly 45mins. Eventually decided to give the schoolies a break and target some bigger bass in deeper water. pretty quickly found a school of pogie to live line. Lot of hits but we both ended up losing some good fish and decided to call it as the wind picked up and swells developed. Overall, very fun morning. Happy the bunker boats are gone.
  8. After a super slow late July.. August has kicked off to a great start in the Metro Area. New PB trolling white bomber. Nabbed a 30 right before this on a live Pogie as well. The stoppage of the Bunker Boats seem to have helped!
  9. Your experience sounds very similar to me. I wouldn't mark any fish around/under bunker schools so I'd snag them and bring them closer to shoreline to get crunched. I would get a lot of hits on them but can be tough to get the bass to commit to a big pogie. TBH, I think I probably wasted a lot of time sitting around with a live pogie that would get whacked every 45 mins but not fully engulfed. Should have just stuck with trolling bombers. I'll be back up in the region second week of August so fingers crossed.. I think I'm going to try the Tube & Worm next trip, I've heard hits a cheat code on the yak..
  10. I fish the same waters during the summer and I agree that there isn't a ton of info out there but kind of adds to the fun a bit? This year, in particular it seems the best fishing happened mid-June through first week of July and has gradually slowed. We had massive schools of pogie, which drew in the biggest fish I have encountered in Maine. I actually caught my PB of 40 inches trolling a bomber mac lure on the yak. However, the pogies have been completely wiped in the area and it seems the bass went with em. Macs have been incredibly hard to catch in-shore for years now, I no longer waste my time and mostly fish artificials... or snag bunker. Mid-coast Maine is certainly a challenge fishing from the surf, big reasons why I pulled the trigger on a kayak this season. If I was limited to the surf, this time of year I would likely throw noisy poppers early early morning or at dusk. If some how you can catch macs close to shore, those will produce. As for pollack and flounder, I really don't bother in my area. Hoping fishing picks up a bit in August but as water continues to warm, who knows.
  11. Hi All, In about 20 years of fishing a hour or so North of Portland during the summers, I have NEVER seen fishing like this. I summer up here every year for a chunk of time and I never would have thought Maine would produce my PB. Pogies and fish 30-45in have invaded our bay and it is awesome. Can be hard to get a bite but boy are these fish quality. Caught this monster below (40in) trolling a Mac bomber on kayak. I was using a super light setup with 2500 stradic. Needless to say, it was the fight of my life thus far. Cheers!
  12. Got out in the area last night and came across one of the craziest Striper blitzes I've ever seen, absolutely crushing pogies. It was sweet but quick.. popped one 30+ on top water in the midst of the madness. Marked a lot of good fish and saw many hook ups on live pogies. They'll make you work for em but the quality of fish this year is exceptional IMO.
  13. Good Point.. I guess what makes them the grand standard would be their popularity amongst yak fishermen? I think companies like Hoodoo will be great for the average pedal kayak consumer. It will force the bigger named brands to keep their product quality and honor their warranty if they are charging 3 times the price.
  14. Thought I'd throw my 2 cents in here.. First off, I do think Hobie is the grand standard for pedal kayaks and EVENTUALLY I will likely upgrade but right now I am having an absolute blast with my Hoodoo Sports Tempest 120p for 1/3 the price($1,200). I found Hoodoo online when I started looking into buying my first pedal kayak and I really couldn't say no. I was hard pressed to find anyone who owned one that had a bad thing to say. Only real complaints I saw were people who didn't even own one saying that the body was a "Alibaba mold". It is super stable, only 65 pounds without pedal drive in, and I get good speed in it. I have found customer service super responsive although I have had no real reasons to contact them apart from some setup questions. Of course we will see how it holds up after a season or two but I will definitly recommend to anyone who wants to get into kayaking or just wants to occasionally get after it. Might have to start a topic on budget pedal kayaks, I'd love to hear if anyone else has experience with some lesser named brands..
  15. Hi Folks, Boston fella here that spends time up in Boothbay during summer. Planning first trip up weekend of 18th and wondering if its worth lugging the kayak up this early. Anyone familiar with the area fish wise, that can tell me how the bite is so far? Fish seem to have more size in Boston this year so I'm hopeful it will be a great Maine season as well. Last few years we only had schoolies and a few small slots. Cheers!