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  1. This is why I like these point wilsons:
  2. Yeah for spinning reels, the only limit you might hit on thickness of the line will possibly be the pickup roller, but I haven't run into that on anything I have used for surf, including 100lb mono shock/leader (usually 20-30 foot sometimes a little more if I am fishing a lot of rocks/barnicles/muscle beds).
  3. Well no real point debating it if you are already committed to buying one. I think it depends on your use case. If you are getting it for putting keepers on ice, I would recommend a kill bag like an Opah Fathom or a Calcutta bag. I find these are easier to carry around than an igloo hard shell. It probably doesn't matter as much if you are on a boat or can take a truck/buggie wherever you are fishing, but if you are walking in, the bags are a lot easier. That said, I like a good igloo for my drinks as the hard cases stay a little more organized internally than I find with bags.
  4. Nice. Got a chance to use my setup for the first time this year. Need to pare it down some and cut the bloat still. But in one sense I was glad I pulled it all with me today, and I essentially used everything and the kitchen sink (well, everything but bait since I didn't have any). Went through 4 charlie graves spoons, 2 different hopkins, tsunami glass minnows, talk-in poppers, mag-darters, super-strikes, deadly-dicks, coltsnipers, point wilson darts (herring, anchovies, candlefish), jigheads with gulp, jigheads with z-man jerk shads (and a couple other presentations), bucktails (S&S John Skinner's both swing hook and fixed) going from stuff between 1 1/2 inches to 9 inches in size, top water, middle water, bottom water (heck even some skimming the surface in the air). Nothing... Absolutely nothing (2 nibbles, but no strike). Well, I guess muscles wouldn't be nothing when I was using stuff on the bottom.... So yeah, I had it all with me today and nothing was working. Fish just did not want to bite. I along with the other 30 - 40 people who where out didn't get a single fish when we were there catching the tide change at the channel. Oh, there were fish there, we could see them jumping, but they sure as heck were not biting and no one found something that temp them to bite. So I had about 35 pounds of gear with me today since as I said, didn't get a chance to figure out what the fish want and thus havn't had a chance pull the stuff out that I probably won't try to use on them.
  5. It partly depends on the fish. Fluke/summer flounder will engulf the entire bucktail as they make a vacuum and suck the whole thing in when they strike, so it doesn't matter if the lure is presented such that the line is in front or behind the lure when it strikes. The same holds true to many other species of fish. But if the fish has a lot of sharp teeth and prefers to bite it's food into pieces, well, yes, the line may pose a small problem, but more often then not, the problem is the fish biting the line off (bluefish tend to do this).
  6. Yeah, I think the people who hate bluefish just have never had it properly prepared. It all starts from the catch itself, where-in you need to quickly bleed and kill it. I have even seen some people use the ikijimie method (basically kill the brain and nervous system in the spinal cord, and then bleed them when they are braindead). This prevents a lot of automatic nervous system's responses from being pulled from the water and bleeding to death (massive pumping of adrenaline and other chemicals to try and get the muscles to work harder to fight for it's life). All lot of those cause the muscle meat to get a horrible flavor. Either way, you need to do a very good job bleeding a bluefish and get it on ice (not just sit in a bucket of water or on a leader while you are wading). You also need to remove the blood lines when you filet them. After that, grilling or frying is a great method since they are typically an oily/fatty flesh. Put some blackened or Cajun seasoning and it is actually half decent to I dare say good. But, if you just catch em, and put them in a bucket/leader, and don't properly bleed them and don't remove the bloodlines, yeah, they will be a real stink-fish (might be good for some Scandinavians who are looking for a lukfish substitute).
  7. I might need to look into those. I picked up some boots for wading which would be nice to dry them out so that they don't rot or become a real stinky mess...
  8. Suffix 832.
  9. Fluke/flounder, mahi-mahi, tuna, salmon, swordfish, cod, and sea-bass. Some people would include bluefish, whiting, halibut, grouper, mackerel, snapper, sardines, and bonito. But for me the ones on the first line are easily the best.
  10. Yeah, I am still kicking myself because I can't find my grandfather's rods and reels. I mean, I "know" where they are, they are just in with several hundred other rods and reels at his (and now my) fishing club. Had luxors on both of the rods he kept there. Unfortunately he had both rods taken in and completely redone at a custom shop, new guides, custom wraps, custom paint/varnish so they don't look like any pictures we have of them. He picked them up and showed me where he placed them in the club a few months before he passed, but unfortunately the club had to move all the rods/reels due to a leak from storm damage that hit just a week or so after he passed and they are somewhere in the clubhouse and no one really knows which ones. In one sense I miss not having them, but I love the fact that I know they are there somewhere at the clubhouse where he spent so much of his life loving.
  11. Yep... But the problem is that makes sense, and we can't have something that makes sense in NJ.
  12. If it wasn't going to add another 60 miles to my drive, I would consider that as an option (that and then having to deal with traffic and needing to learn the locations/spots). I've been debating Delaware...
  13. I don't think stripers are a huge fan of the gulp smell. But fluke just love it. With stripers I usually use real bait and not artificial bait, as that seems to work the best. Some people do like using some of the pro-cure scents, but I haven't had a chance to try any myself (or seen the need).
  14. Well, just finished modding my knife for attaching to my belt. I picked up one of the heavy duty stainless moraknivs a few weeks back to swap out with my older mora. But needed to do some mods. So I drilled a recessed hole at the end of the handle to be able to attach a lanyard. I also picked up a titanium d-ring that uses a screw to be able to open it and attached a lanyard to it. Looks like it was designed this way in the first place.
  15. Fish hate deet, and can detect it in extremely small quantity. Its why thermacell systems have been popular (expensive if you use their refills, but not too bad once you do some hacks like removing the one-way check valve that prevents refilling the butane cartridge and ordering the generic repellant pads).