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  1. Okay thanks
  2. Bottom of the spool is completely different no arbor pin slot or drag alert star
  3. Will it fit a 200vsx
  4. I believe it’s spoken for thanks sol. Ers
  5. Fits vs 200 and up. Not the small ones
  6. Sure man you got it pm me
  7. Small circular arm knob first come Here you go shaft busching washer and nut
  8. Clfish5 made offer offer accepted. Item sold
  9. Sold. Thanks sol
  10. If you can go two hundred I’ll give you your choice of the two reels boxes and receipt money back if you have any remorse
  11. I’m not going to ship can u come to pickup
  12. I have no way of receiving payment can you think of anything?
  13. New model Saragossa used for the end of this season. 200$ Local pick up only central Long Island cash
  14. Ok Thank you for the look