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  1. Beauty
  2. Decent first real trip
  3. I've caught smallies over 5lbs, rainbows over 4, and lakers 24"+, and 20" salmon within site to a road.
  4. Haha I hear ya!
  5. Nice Teardrop Pick!
  6. May can be the best month of the season in that area. By late may, you can have big bass and blues hammering topwater during the day, and nice bass at night. And as Albicized said, check out google maps for the salt ponds.
  7. Hi Krill, Wood's Hole has had a couple popping up over the last two weeks. Big fish.
  8. Usually I wait until mid month
  9. That's def a nice Albie. Here's a 12+ I kept for shark bait.
  10. Might push bonito in
  11. The "two weeks behind" logic just isn't panning out. There may be a good push of fish inshore on the way, based on what I'm hearing from NJ/NY LIS; but I'm skeptical it will be what everyone's waiting on. While there have been banner years in the past decade, my close to 40 years in the surf tells me the biomass just isn't there. To be more descriptive, in typical years the scale of the bio mass extends far out, stretching to the northern parts of New England, mixing with northern stocks that, yes, come from Maine and the Maritimes. Most of the mass we see would be from Chesapeake and Hudson. But, in the years when the stocks aren't as healthy and thick, the edges of the biomass don't extend as far as they would typically, so naturally, less fish in some of these areas. There just aren't s many to fill in the inshore waters. And I can tell you for sure, the surf fishing was way better in the early 80s, 90s, and the decades to follow than right now. When the size limti was 36" in the early 80s, we hammered fish all day, night, and tide on the south side side, 10lb blues and 30" bass were regular catches, with some keeper bass (36") mixed in. By the 90s, the bass were again measured in lbs, not inches. The slot limit we have now is okay, but it should be 36" min.
  12. Why do you think so many are going after sea bass these days? When the numbers of fish dwindle, the migrating stocks don't reach the boundaries as thick as they would in years past. We'll see push of big fish soon, but it will not be like years past. The best solution is to close comm season for stripers and make the limit 36" for the next few years.
  13. Some cars were towed from a certain dirt road that is private, not one of the lots I think you might be thinking of. Although now that memorial day is upon us, who knows.