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  1. Really wish they'd put more brookies
  2. Try an light or ultralight 6' rod. No need to splurge on crazy gear. You could use a 1000 (6lb mono) - 3000(8lb mono) inexpensive shimano reel with that, or a similarly sized.
  3. Machete...sshhhhhh.......
  4. Once again, the state is flooding the ponds with an absurd amount of rainbows..........
  5. Only a few weeks to go before we can get back at it and hope for chunks like this....
  6. Trout for me this week - kettles!
  7. Confucious say "don't swim with seals"
  8. I heard it was HGH - else if it wasn't identified, why even the suspension?
  9. It was HGH, and it should be legal to use to help speed up recovery. 4 games is a serious penalty to pay, but playoffs? Ridiculous. I mean what's next, they'll want to change OT so each team gets a shot, hahahahahahaha...... Oh yeah, they already did that a few years ago! Play DEFENSE!
  10. There are only two guys on this list - Brady #1, and Montana..... and then a group of great QBs, but not great enough. Hate only makes us stronger, hahahaha
  11. That would make for an interesting article hahaha
  12. Does anyone have any photos of Whitr sharks at their stern, or close that they are willing to let me use in a current article I'm writing? Of course, I'll include a "courtesy of" tag. Thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks
  13. def gulp shrimp and 1/4 - 3/4 oz heads, and 9" hogys, white.
  14. Check out the variety of kettle ponds on the cape - lots of trout, and nice sized, to be caught there.
  15. I'd rather see the key west forecast