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  1. catch and release only
  2. Nasty winter, cold, snow spring too - I think that kept the fish offshore, and then straight to summer. Hoping those beasts are back this year!
  3. Big gators being crushed in Jersey now... and FYI, from what I hear they were non-existent last year, like MA; so......
  4. I see your point
  5. 20% So a 1200 trip is 240? Wow, times have changed. I hope one of the mates looks like Ginger Zee and gives out Krafty Handies....
  6. Those stocked browns turn into something else after a few years
  7. Please do not post location of draggers
  8. If you get bait roaming the flats, especially pogies and squid, with warmer sound waters, that's usually a recipe for a great day (depending on the cycle/size of current crop of blues). A sample from the last few years, excluding 2018. Hoping for a couple more seasons with this cycle:
  9. I should have been more specific... I'm referring strictly to the spring run in Nantucket Sound. I too, got into those smaller class blues in the fall chasing funnyfish.
  10. If all goes according to plan, we'll have squid, herring, and pogies, like the few years prior to last!
  11. Been suffering from the Blues? Or maybe a lack of the Blues? Well, after last year's non-arrival of our favorite yellow-eyed-devils, I wouldn't blame you you. But, I was always leaning towards the horrible spring, and colder start towards their absence in 2018, where the fish never pushed in. However, the three-eyed raven has been sending me signs that we could see a return of bigfish, from '17, '16.... adult pogies, choppers already being caught down south. Hitch up yer' britches folks, and break out the Ben-Gay, and let us pray. Giddy-up!
  12. Just wondering, you guys seeing any blues town there?
  13. So, I do not have an affiliation with Hogy. but I do love me some smack-it lures. Been fishing these for what feels like close to 20 years now. But Hogy has a new popper out, and I would say it is def worth a look. 1.5oz, 5+ inches:
  14. Anyone fishing the basin?
  15. Agree, gets better after a couple of weeks, warming temps.