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  1. Just retie your leader - they're sure to pop up right after you clip your line
  2. The numbers of white sharks have increased dramatically over the past 10 years as their chief food source, grey seals, has been allowed to balloon to ridiculous levels, without any government intervention, where culling should be considered. More seals = more sharks = more attacks. It's really actually that simple.
  3. Over 4 hours, sporadic pods, a few blowups, finally one eats.... It's a good day!
  4. I think blue/silver has caught more shore albies for me since I started fishing for them, whether a maria or hogy jig. I've also caught them on a variety of others, including albie snax, fin-s fish, pline jigs, ddicks, and diff hogy colors, etc... But the blue/silver i have the highest confidence.
  5. Just a bit easier from the deck of a CC
  6. It is truly addictive, but the payoff is awesome
  7. BBay had fish but the two good shots just resulted in albert laughing at our lures. The pods are real scatterred, not totally setup up like normal. I expect in the coming week it would settle down where chances go up for success on a more consistent basis.
  8. I caught this near the canal (the one that runs between the channel 2 bridge)
  9. maria jigs
  10. Pssst... here's a little secret when they're on peanuts. These are P-Line jigs. I use a sharpie, add a dot:
  11. Walk the beach from south cape beach right to the waquiot jetty
  12. I'll PM you
  13. I've got some great striped bass lures, canal killers: 190 fast sink sebile magic swimmer 3.5oz ghost New floating sebile magic swimmer 3 oz(?) tested once Bigfish blitzseeker spook pogie Daiwa sp minnow chicken scratch 2 gags mackerel bodies with joe baggs 5oz head all either new or great condition. 50 + 8 shipping, paypal. Thanks
  14. That sounds horrible, haha. I had a similar experience as a bystander - they guy got a roberts ranger in his nose. He also needed a trip to the ER. I hope we see those big numbers again, sooner than later.
  15. I wrote an article about just such cycles, for OTW earlier this year. I still believe this year's lean pickings are partly a result of the cold spring, keeping the bait from coming inshore, particularly in Nantucket sound; but this years dramatic drop-off in far from the jumbos of the last few years. I found big pods, for a few weeks at a time in the spring, of jumbo blues. But they were on pogies, squid, and herring. This year, the herring runs were full, but not much other bait. For example, first pic is last year, second pic is 2016, and third is 2015. These are the typical fish I was finding. Let's hope the bait returns next year, but I will say, there is definitely something to the balance of cycles with stripers and blues - I fear we'll see some thin years for both in a couple.