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  1. def gulp shrimp and 1/4 - 3/4 oz heads, and 9" hogys, white.
  2. Check out the variety of kettle ponds on the cape - lots of trout, and nice sized, to be caught there.
  3. I'd rather see the key west forecast
  4. Anyone been out on comet?
  5. love when the cape ponds get enough ice
  6. I get plenty of bows on the gold kastmaster during very cold days too, with browns. Just slow it down.. And don't forget these little brookies. many native fish in the creeks and rivers in central mass, and the watersheds of the big reservoirs.
  7. Some great trout fishing can be had through open water and the ice in the winter, from the Cape ponds to the rivers and watersheds of central MA. Many cool mornings with a warm cup of coffee have been spent catching big holdover fish on the Cape, rainbows, big browns eating shiners, etc... Let's see what you guys come up with this season! Here's a couple from the last few years.
  8. Terrible news. RIP Skitterpop
  9. I second Islamorada. I've fished with a few guys from Bud's, lately a good dude named Gunner Guthrie. Late April - May. This was my first fish caught at dusk, early May 2005. 140lbs with an old-timer named Capt David Applegate... haven't topped it, but caught a few more around 70 - 100. I also hooked three 100lbers off the no Name key bridge near Cudjoe key a few years ago. Had no shot from the bridge, but they were eating chunks and small grunts and snapper we were catching. If you rented a kayak in late April, paddled to the bridge, and tossed a chunk, or a pinfish, you would be pulled all over and through the bridge. Permit next for me. Good luck
  10. I hear ya, but amazingly, my spot was actually closer than most. I think most people skip it thinking its too close, must be overfished, but I've since caught many fish there. It's definitely worth trying spots like this.
  11. I see high water as an opportunity to fish new spots - like a couple years ago when it made me try a spot that yielded a smallie close to 6 lbs., and a 24" laker.
  12. Worrying makes sense, but if you need to do something surgical about, don't worry tooo much. These days, they do these all the time. Guys like use get older, think we can still do the same crazy s*** we did when we were kids - just have to watch it. If you get to the point where it is necessary, I recommend Dr Michael Groff at Brighma and Womens in Boston. One of the country's best for spine procedures. And, as a matter of fact, to put it in perspective, I was just on my roof last weekend, roofing it, only 8 months after cervical surgery.
  13. I had recurring neck/shoulder/arm pain for about 4 years, thought it was pinched but the pain grew intense in my arm. bulging discs turned to herniated. Last November, could barely move without blazing pain. Cortisone/focal block two shots in my cervical spine area helped huge for about 6 weeks. If you have herniated discs, it only masks the problem for awhile. Someday, you'll need surgery. I had to discs replaced in February, between c5 & 6, 6 & 7. By May, I was casting normally, pain free. The relief is almost instant after surgery, only really two weeks of extra careful recovery. Surgery was early morning, one night, then home. A week of TV and pain meds, all set. Funny thing, pretty sure the discs issues started in my early 20s, after we rear-ended some Irish guys that had stopped in the middle of the road after leaving the same Allman Brothers concert, late 80s. Didn't keep me off the sand and rocks this season!
  14. I will actually trim the feathers on my lures if this happens - dramatically improves hook up
  15. The late fall is great for big bows - the lake smelt also spawn on the ridges at this time...