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  1. So, you're telling me they'll open fire on the cops as they approach them? You'll be buying the bridge if you don't think it would cut it down dramatically. A 500 dollar fine or worse is most likely what they'd be looking at, based on similar violations. This wouldn't be the same as it is today
  2. Sure, some will still try to poach and get away with it, but it will be a lot harder to do. A lot harder. And will absolutely curb the majority.
  3. As I've been saying, make it catch and release - you'll see 75% of these dimwits disappear. You want meat? go elsewhere.
  4. Love him or hate him, Minnehane's ratings were a winner... Callahan gets too carried away with his political rants sometimes; but either way, it was time for him to go. He was like a Gulp shrimp left in the sun. But Mutt was the absolute worst, know-it-all blowhard. Glad he's gone. Greg Hill's show should be entertaining.
  5. Striper Mike, and either Scituate or Marshfield, somewhere around there - quite a catch!
  6. Don't worry, it will all be over soon as this last round of big fish are finally all killed off. Then, the vermin can crawl back into the rocks from which they came, hopefully to die out.
  7. It was 1@ 36" in the 80s. There is a proposal already on the table for 1@ 35" from what I've heard. I vote "yea". Those 36" years were great for the fish.
  8. Well played, sir.
  9. Uhhh...the "Legend" tag comes from the MV Times, straight from the report. You can try asking them.
  10. Okay, lost boatside, but identified. Either way, still earliest I've heard, whether they strayed in from offshore in an eddy, hopefully this bodes well for a good showing later in Summer.
  11. Two in one week?
  12. But save time to bounce around the pubs in galway - my favorite city in ireland. Check out the Quays, and Tig Cioli
  13. The little creeks all have brown trout in them - not sure when salmon season is.
  14. Yup - one was caught in the last few days off the vineyard. Island legend Kib Bramhall's son.
  15. I'm going to return my Ralph Laurens!