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  1. You don't have to agree/like with another SOL members post. But SOL rules are that you be civil, regardless. If it becomes too painful, then send me or SOL management a PM concerning the matter.
  2. A few posters are going to find themselves in moderator queue, if they don't smarten up.
  3. For the record: I have no problem with that post being a spot burn.
  4. How about we try to keep to the thread subject line.
  5. Another reminder that site (not mine) rules prohibit personal attacks, blatant spot burning, com links, or vulgarity. And what happens on other sites.....STAY on those sites. Folks that continuously break or skirt these rules are likely to find themselves in hot water with site management.
  6. Just a SOL rules reminder: No personal attacks. Don't post links to any com sites (like the tackle shop in question). Also, the photo on the tackle shop (in question) site would be considered a spot burn under SOL rules. So don't copy and post it here. Thanks
  7. Just a SOL rules reminder: No personal attacks. Thanks
  8. Right there is a good practical off season use of a Jet Sled.
  9. Where do you plan to launch?
  10. Although the spots you mentioned are hardly secret, it was still a spot burn.
  11. Water quality, conditions, and feed are probably playing more of a role then bluefish. As for when they will return.....could be back now. They are not too far offshore.
  12. It's ok to snag hook pogies in Maine
  13. Beyond EPIC!
  14. Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. For those braving the shopping crowds, good luck finding your tackle bargains. ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE
  15. IMO, color is not as important as other variables.