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  1. Hey Everyone, who do you recommend in the MA / RI areas to repair a Daiwa conventional reel?
  2. I am looking to build a rod similar to an old cheapo Penn rod that I bought in the mid 2000's. The only info I can find is the following. Penn Pursuit - PP817S70 7' 1 Piece Line Weight: 8-17 Lure Weight: 1/4-3/4oz Blank Material: Composite Although this was a very cheap rod, built with very cheap components, I loved this rod. It was a great inshore rod for schoolies. I would like to build something that feels the same, but without sparing any expense. can anyone recommend a blank that would have a similar action and power? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am curious if there is any kind of "guide" to picking out the size of a Surfcasting rod. I am sure it has to do with where you fish generally, but curious to hear peoples thoughts. I currently use a 9ft but hear of a lot of people using 11-12ft rods. I mainly fish from the beach or in boulder fields and back bay areas. Would there be any advantage to switching over to a bigger rod? When and where are you using what size rod?
  4. Just curious, why do you use a bigger rod for wetsuiting? Seems like that would be harder to maneuver with?
  5. Hey Guys, I have always used the blue label for my leaders, but recently saw the Premier line (Green Label) in a tackle shop. It claims that it has a smaller diameter and more tensile strength. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Would you recommend switching to it? Price doesn't really matter as I am going to buy it with gift cards to Bass Pro that would otherwise go unused!
  6. What is this "Big River Site" that you speak of?
  7. For what it's worth, I asked someone in the VS booth this past weekend about the G2. I was told that they have pretty much finalized it, but nothing is in production yet. I was also told that they are doing a limited run of golds this year for their anniversary.
  8. I ran into it around 5:30 while out doing some errands about 40 minutes from home, but when I got home, it hadn’t hit here yet. Really hoping my car isn’t covered in the morning, but I’m not getting up to look now but I can hear the wind ripping pretty hard
  9. I’m afraid to look out my window, but it doesn’t sound good!
  10. Sorry for the extremely newbie question here, but can anyone tell me what a cupped rotor is?
  11. Take this for what it’s worth, but I recently purchased a BG MQ and the only thing I have to compare it to is a Penn in a similar price point. To me, the BG is a far superior reel. You can really feel the difference in the handle alone. My pen has a lot of slop and the BG is very tight and smooth. So far it has held up great to about half a summer of moderate fishing. I would definitely recommend this reel if that is your price point.
  12. I highly recommend the Danco Premio pliers. I spray them with wd-40 and wipe clean every so often and they still look brand new.
  13. These are a great product. I have two belts and a bag. Will probably buy a second bag for the season. Oh and Luke is the man.