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  1. Interesting thx yall
  2. Awesome thx
  3. Thx best response I've gotten
  4. Those staals don't drop much value it seems after alot of time
  5. Thx for the feed back yall tight lines
  6. Cool cool thx .. also shouldn't be abused like vsx ?? Cranked underwater?
  7. Thx alot Marc
  8. Vr 200 same as vsx 200?? Sorry if it's a stupid question
  9. Thx im thinking I'll be getting the 250 200 or 150 .. deffently more between the 200 n the 150
  10. Wow!!! Thx I'll deffently be coming back to this
  11. Most deffently will thx alot for the feed back
  12. Thx alot
  13. Cheaper just to buy the parts n do it ur self?? Or not much of a difference if they service it for u??.....