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  1. Wts odm dna 10.6 3/4-4 oz , I bought 2 new sets up for this year and have a 11ft being built , rods still in good shape just no need for it asking 150 local pick up to Rhode Island can meet up anywhere 150 obo
  2. Anyone have a top half for a black hole striped bass special 10ft 3/4 -4 oz ?
  3. That’s the model I’m thinking of , the 11ft 1-6 , I just want to make sure it’s like the 10ft 3/4 -4 oz ,
  4. What’s up dude ? I love my 10ft 3/4 to 4 oz now I’m thinking of getting the 11ft how much difference is there between the 2 rods , meaning like Glenn was saying the tip on the 11 has some flex and more power in th butt
  5. There was definitely quality fish that stopped by out front , hit spots as like fueling stations rested up , ate and took off lol
  6. Has anyone tried mt hope bay , Tauton river , kikky , Swansea , Fall River areas ? I’m wondering because each year the bass seem to chance the bunker schools north then push out toward the cape and threw all them points and rivers and off into buzzards , so I’m wondering if because there was so much bait around all winter once it got warmer the bunker was ready to go and started pushing east early
  7. Wtb a few darker color flat glides , I have a yellow one , I’m looking for a dark one now , I really want to use needles more this year and add them to my arsenal
  8. Whoa this one’s sick , and the darter right above wow
  9. Thank you sir , that’s partially the area I was fishing last week , I was more so appaunaug area but that still dumps out into Greenwich bay , caught a bunch of nice blues one spit up a adult pogy
  10. Beginning of last week seemed to hit off on a good note , out for sunset catching blues then fishing a small outflow in upper part of the bay , got tons of slot sized bass some over slots and even a 42/43 inch bass , went back out Friday night seemed as tho it would have been a perfect set up with sunset , high tide , outgoing and new moon , and it was completely dead , still finding fish but not like it was , weird spring for sure , the spots that produced well last spring are dead this year and spots that only held schoolies last year are fishing better this year
  11. Hey capt , curious if you have seen adult bunker held up in that part of the bay ? I live in Warwick and been fishing north and around this way , got on some big blues as well but haven’t ventured south much or in that direction yet
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