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  1. I would suggest Reddington Predator in 8 wt. It was supposedly designed especialy for kayak fishing. It is a 7 foot 10 inches rod with a pretty stiff tip. It works great with integrated shooting head flylines. I use mine with 20 ft sinktip line and it is a cannon for reasonable distances sitting down. I havent tried flyfishing from a pedal yak though. (yet)
  2. Hi all, I was an old Surftalk user (used to lurk mainly in the fly fishing section) but as of few years back I started doing some kayak fishing. I enjoy reading about experience and knowledge of US experts and wanted to share with you some insight into european made sea fishing kayaks. The kayak I have now is made by Italian company BigMama and offers some great solutions a ta reasonable price. I hope you will enjoy the review, There is also a bit of european seabass fishing included. Tight lines!