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  1. No, it's a Magellan Freeport stocking foot wader
  2. I got scammed by a seller on eBay selling me a pair of used waders but listed it as "brand new". Luckily, the seller fully refunded me and I don't need to send the wader back. The model of the wader is this one: * So I did a water test by filling it up with water, and found that the seam of the inner leg and the groin region is leaking, as well as the toe region of both neoprene stocking feet is also leaking as well... The wader comes with some fabric materials for repairing, it said those are heat seal tape that works with an iron press. I guess this is only for seam repair but not for neoprene foot stocking repair. I have some aquarium silicone, but not sure if is useful. I have never repaired waders before, so might just well take this opportunity to learn, especially on how to repair the neoprene foot, but do not want to spend too much money on this broken wader. So any simple tips&adivice ??? Thanks!!!
  3. I save money by re-tying by bucktails when they lose their hair, but if the jig hook gets too rusty and no longer able to be sharpened anymore, I would use it as a sinker
  4. I was also having difficulties choosing Twinpower SW and Certate LT. Simply for the same size, twinpower SW is heavier with less line capacity, Certate LT is lighter and has more line capacity. But if not because of the mag seal of Daiwa's reels, I would choose Certate LT because I just think that mag seal is difficult for maintenance.
  5. Woooo... Super surprising that someone is actually addressing this issue. Indeed the line roller is not made of the most appropriate material and it can be grooved by braid. This problem is hard to notice since the groove is so small and sharp that it frays your line and break. I would guess that for those Gen 1 VR users who are suffering this problem unknowingly would just blame on the line. Now I think Van Staal can consider making the line roller with ceramic-like materials, just like rod guide inserts.
  6. I have not. It seems like no one has ever talked about or reported this issue, even for gen 1 VR. But in fact, it happens sometimes for only some VR owners so this may not be a very common problem. But I would say that the groove created by wearing down of the roller over time is quite hard to spot because it is so small.
  7. Yea, not all of my friend who owns the 1st gen VR have this problem. But seems like this is a problem at least people here agreed with this. However, I don't see much info on the internet talking about this.
  8. Yea, this happened to my friend when I was fishing with him one night. He was using the 1st gen VR 150. The line dug into the spool after it was cut by the groove worn-out roller and was not able to find the end of the line.
  9. Any Van Staal 1st generation VR reel owner here notice this?? Two of my friends' 1st gen VR ( 50 and 150) line roller were wearing down over time. That created a deep groove on the line roller and the groove cuts the line under tension. Just wanna see if this is a common issue.
  10. First offense, pay fines, fines go to conservation and education programs Serious or second offense, pay fines + need to pass a conservation education course to regain license.
  11. Hello everyone! I have been thinking about this for a long time. Why most bag inserts tubes are either circular or rectangular tubes (all fused together or separate individuals), But no separate individual triangular tubes that I can customize the number of tubes I want to put into my bag ?? I like each and every plug has its own tubes in the bag. So my plugs wouldn't come out all the same time when trying to pull one out because there are 2 or 3 plugs in a single tube. I always feel like triangular tubes save more space in the bag compared to rectangular and circular tubes so I can fit more plugs in my bag. I have been looking for materials to build my own triangular inserts, but no idea where to start Any Thoughts ???
  12. Seems like there aren't a lot of websites selling Seaguides, really wish that Mudhole can sell them as well.
  13. Thanks for the advice guys !! :D I admit that I am asking too much and being picky. Perhaps that's why it makes me feel particularly frustrating. Reels for kayak and surf normally belong to two different applications and best to get two reels to fit their own specific needs. But I am tight on the budget right now and can't buy two reels. So it's just difficult to find a reel that can do both. I am asking because I fish central northshore Long Island both from shore and kayak. By "power", I mean the ability of the reel that can handle the first few initial cranks when I set the hook on the fish and able to get it out of the structure and have it in control. I think it's a combination of drag, rigid body construction of the reel, and having a slightly longer powerful reel handle would also help. I personally found it very important when I am going for blackfish and striper fishing around the boulders of Northshore Long Island. My Penn clash 4000 can barely handle this sometimes and I still lost quite a lot of fish. However, by needing power, I will need to compromise on the weight, which makes me not so comfortable as I am so used to lightweight setups. Penn slammer 4500 seems a good choice for now, but should I save more money for a Shimano twinpower sw 4000 for lighter and smoother ??
  14. Hello! Thanks for the advice. I do thought about Saragosa 6000sw, but it is like 16oz, which makes me feel that's a bit heavy. I have been using a Penn clash 4000 for this, which is light (like 11oz) and comfortable but it's not powerful enough for this kind of application. However, I also really like the smoothness of a shimano though. It's frustrating to make these choices
  15. Hello! I am new to this forum. I need recommendations & advice on buying a spinning reel. Looking for a spinning reel that I can both use on a 10ft medium surf rod for striper and blue & on a 7ft medium rod on the kayak for blackfish. Since I will use it both for surf and kayak, it needs some kind of seals. I like it to be powerful, rigid, and strong. Can hold at least 200+ yards of 30lb braid. Weights 10oz - 15oz range. I am only able to spend up to about $300. Any recommendations ?? Thanks !!
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