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  1. going with the Vanford 3k, have you tried sunline Defier braid? i also wanna get a jerkbait or 2 any suggestions and what size hooks you replace them with?
  2. need new reel for fluking from the beach, im looking at the Ballistic MQ LT and Vanford what reel will hold up better for occasional splash and spray.
  3. ya the blank is in solid shape, few scratches mostly by hook keeper no big dings though, 90 seems pretty fair
  4. i got the medium heavy spinning 1/2 1-1/4 7 foot i can post pictures little later
  5. yeah was looking for something a little more versatile, but would mainly be jigging 1/4 jerkshad. i have the tatula 7'6 mml and its perfect for this but a little light on the rougher days
  6. know anything about century rods? was looking at the weapon jr 7'6 or 7'10 1/4-2 oz. also what you think about vr 75 for the 1/4 jerkshad jigging technique? im careful with my stuff but still dont wanna have to worry so much about salt and sand. Just dont know about the drag being sensitive enough
  7. i got a 150vr on a dna feels pretty nice to me
  8. Anyone have any experience with this rod? its pretty much my budget.100-150ish would be paired with a 4k battle dx Would love to know how long the butt is if anyone has that info. would use it for bass blues and albies hopefully. throwing epoxy jigs small top waters some soft plastics also looking at the tsunami airwave elite Light rods
  9. +1 for the princeton tec quad
  10. Big Bite Baits has a awesome Tilapia color perfect blue gill imitator Green pumpkin is the backup I always have a chartreuse spike it marker if i need to add some color
  11. First day out with the new setup Daiwa Tatula 7'6 MLM with Daiwa Fuego 2500 1/4 Jighead with 5" pinkshine jerkshad the 6" are elusive, had a bunch of fluke 3 striper and got my first weakfish 18" very fun day with a very light setup.
  12. Got Both in 4000 size, great bang for the buck, you'll be happy with either one you get. Battle is smaller