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  1. Good sunglasses make a huge difference. If you are on the water, polarized is the best option to have especially when spot fishing. Cheap polarization on glasses will wear off quick in salt but if you loose glasses and treat them rough then you can just get a new pair. More expensive glasses will reduce eye fatigue but you end up paying for style. Somewhere in the middle ground to be comfortable with. I have been through Oakleys and RayBan and they are great for certain things but expensive. All around I am happy with Rheo's. They have seemed to last, lite weight and most importantly float!
  2. I have not used fluoro yet and find conflicting info everywhere. I have just started plugging for stripers, mostly in the surf, in the last year or two and have simply used either 30 or 40 lb mono for my leaders. I had it on hand and it works. But the blues are coming soon and traditionally I tied on a wire leader when blue fishing. The blues will be hitting my striper plugs and I am not sure what weight leader to use and if fluoro is even the way to go. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Kastmaster - great lure that imitates a million different fish and can handle teeth. For those reasons and the fact I like to fish with it, it's my number one. Second would be a white bucktail.
  4. I've tried a few and I'm now using a Duty Belt that is great. Its very sturdy nylon, has a decent buckle and sizing velcro that can also be a quick relase. That said...as soon as I have the budget I am buying a Z-Belt. The engineering allows you to wear a plug bag and other stuff on your belt and still spin them to the back out of your way without binding up your coat, plus back support.. I'm tired of my plug bag falling off my shoulder when reaching down.
  5. I second the Compass 360. Fit is great and holding up perfectly into the second season. I also have the boots from them for the stocking foot waders and I'm really happy with the fit and comfort of them. I have spent hours standing and walking in both surf and trout streams.
  6. Hello SOL - Does anyone have experience with Poombah Plugs? They look good but haven't seen anyone throwing them in NJ. They look good and think they are more popular in CT and north. Thanks!
  7. Makes complete sense. If the bills ain't paid you can't go fish.
  8. I have only seen them at Grumpy's in Seaside Park, NJ. They may be elsewhere but when a batch drops there is normally a line to get them. I haven't seen them at any shows yet this season but maybe Berkley in May? Check it out!
  9. Looks delicious!
  10. I was lucky enough to have one Scabelly glider in the bag but its so damn pretty I'm scared to fish it! At some point I will, its meant to be on the end of a line working for me. Need to get my hands on a few more in different sizes to try them from surf, jetty, rocks, etc...
  11. I used a MH4 this weekend and I really liked the action on it. I'm looking forward to using the Scabelly soon! I can see where the glider is a must have lure.
  12. Gliders. Worked an MH4 this weekend and it has really nice action. Next time out I will try out the Scabelly.
  13. They seem to be really nicely made, quality lures. Its just amazing to see the demand once they are available.
  14. It seems these are the hottest thing going right now. I have not fished one yet so please share your experience if you have, good or bad. How about the lures that are similar like Alans Custom or others?
  15. I scooped up a brand new 3 at a great price. After some research I decided that if I wasn't getting the 4 DH (Stainless gears, much lighter) then the new 4 standard version didn't seem worth it when the leftover 3 was going fast. The brass gears on them both are offset with 40lbs of drag in my opinion. It a little heavy but I am also putting it on a 10'6 rod that balances it well. My knots will give before the reel.