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  1. Been away from SOL for a while. I’m surprised to see this thread still going after 12 years!! I haven’t had a chance to get out. How’s fishing it been around the island??
  2. I'm a carp addict. As far as bait goes sweet corn, chickpeas, cooked field corn, butter beans, dough baits and my favorite boilies all have a time and place. I'm a huge fan of the hair rig. In rivers I usually fish 2-4oz with a longer leader (12-24") depending on current. Or if your fishing light baits like corn you could float fish. Chuming is especially effective, in fact it's an art form. Toss a few baits up current, then cast your float right on top of the spot you chumed. Let the float drift with the current until you get a take. It's as addictive as striper fishing!!
  3. Eel chunks are good bass bait.
  4. Can't believe this thread is still going!!
  5. Wow 9 years ago I started this thread! It's amazing to see it still going. Who's chomping at the bit to get out?? I know I am!!
  6. I can't see how extending the butt will change the action. Moving the reel seat up and down the blank would have more of an effect on action than adding 3" to an existing butt section.
  7. Bump 2 before I close it up.
  8. I like Cordell pencil! They are slightly harder to work than Gibbs but they fish the same all day and take a beating like no other. Plus they rattle!!
  9. Is the spool lip on your reel dented, chipped or scratched in any way? Test it with cotton as well.
  10. Ok so going down a line size isn't needed. The easiest fix would be to replace the stripper guide with one that's higher than the one on there. I'm guessing that it's a 30 on there now. If you can get your hands on a bhvlg or bsvlg 30H. You really want to push the line away from the blank some. Keep in mind this is a guess based only on what I can see in a pic. The only real way to tell is to set it up and test cast it.
  11. What line and lb test. When do the wind knots happen? Also just asking is the line tight on the retrieve. (I know that last question is a no brainier but if I had a dollar for every time I've seen guys have the line loose around the spool complaining of wind knots)
  12. That depends on how the water looks and what the prevalent bait is. Bigger baits like bunker and herring I'm starting with the pencil. If mullet and peanuts are the baits then the SS. BUT if the water is flat calm with little to no current then I'll swim the SS even if the bait is bigger.
  13. If I HAD to choose only one of the two it would be the little neck. You could pop it, swim it or just drift it with the occasional pop. It's just a bit more versatile than a pencil.
  14. Both have a time and place. It kind of like asking what's better bread or toast?