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  1. Just zoomed in. How much ya want for the grs and bt
  2. Is the bottom one a deep? If so how much
  3. Gotcha. Im looking for some deep diving ones. Thanks for the response.
  4. Looking to buy deep metal lips. Time and tide, grs, back bay, really anything that will get down 8’ plus.
  5. Does that firminator dive?
  6. Lot of 2 savage glide baits. Slow sinking. both used but in new condition $40 f&f $7 to ship
  7. Lot of 3 jointed glide baits. 2 no name 1 Madd mantis $40 f&f unless u wanna pay the fee $7 to ship.
  8. Yea man. Deal. I can get them out tomm.
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