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  1. As a young lad been there many a GRAND time. Drained and filled every day with every available tide. IF U got there at the right time on the incoming U got fresh clean seawater to frolic in. Swimming with an occasional sea creature was not uncommon. Just a great, great place!!! Ahhhhh! The memories......
  2. My suggestion of what "calm after the storm" might look like. I have hope for those that have been affected.
  3. From the album Random Images IV

  4. Ha! Me is growing on this one...........
  5. Like posted earlier, Bergalls are good eating if big enough to fillet. After all, they are a Wrasse similar to blacks.
  6. EFFIN' tree rats... Nothing a .177 won't take care of. Squirrel stew anyone?.....
  7. All good points said here. Fresh batts every 3-4 years is a good way to go, but pricey. Good insurance. If you have dock power, a newer SMART battery charger will keep your batts healthy for those long pauses between boat use. Just my $.02.
  8. Years ago as a newbie blackfisher i had five 8 Oz. sinkers disappear from the top of my tackle box. I had previously dipped em' halfway in yellow plasti-cote thinking the color would get the fish's attention Didn't think much of the theft and kept on fishin'. While bouncing back and forth from rail to rail looking for a good drop I spotted a guy using a half dipped yellow sinker. I approached and told him I admired his sinker color. He just said "Yeh, they're good". Before he could finish his 3 word sentence, I cut off the sinker with my serrated knife and asked him for the others or " We will get into it right here". Got em' all back and the Capt. banned this guy and his crew from his boat forever. Thanks Cap.
  9. Where at? You couldn't start a fire in the inland SFZ with an incendiary device right now with all the rain recently dropped.
  10. WAIT! Uh... By any chance is he a fisherman? Just askin' I'll take my now please.
  11. Uhhhh? If UR wading surf now CHAIN MAIL bottoms might be in order
  12. IMHO it depends what UR throwing. 8nBait, lures? For 8nBait I mostly use a 12. For lighter weight I like a 10. Lures? 7-9. For me it all depends on my rig, weights, line, etc. I have expensive setups and some cheapies. With a new setup i like to dry cast on the beach or a field to see what kind of range I can expect. I always wet the line on the spool before test casting to simulate what a real cast might feel like. Hope this helps.
  13. Named mine SEADUCER II after getting permission from my buddy after he retired his SEADUCER I.
  14. IMHO if your vehicle is sized and powered for towing (check owner's manual) D for drive is all you need. Newer trucks have a tow/haul tranny mode that prevents tranny from going into overdrive when pulling. I have a newer 6 speed trans and use tow/haul which allows engine braking assistance. You might be able to replicate using number 1 on your shifter if it shows D, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Try it out.
  15. I have a small issue with my Yam 150 that stumbles into gear after warm starts and sometimes stalls. I have been treating the 87 octane I use religiously with recommended additives. IM thinking the plugs need changing or maybe fill the tank with a higher octane for a ****** cleanout and see what happens. WOW! Autocensor won't let you spell dooche right.. I might be overdosing the 87 octane. Any thoughts