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  1. I have one. I actually first bought one early last year and fished it for the spring, then got distracted by custom sailcloth bags, and I have now come back to the ZBag. It's not sailcloth, but it is super rugged. You'd have to try pretty hard to get a saltwater hook stuck in there. I also like this bag because it has a lot more flexibility in storage use--especially if the alternative you're considering is a gear-up 3 tube. Gear up stuff is nice, but minimalist in terms of storage imo. The integrated boga holder is pretty sweet and works really well for easy access. You can also use it as an attachment for your pliers. Also, maybe a small thing, but the tubes for the main section did not come attached, which provides more flexibility -- I can use one tube to bring a few plugs and slide in a small plano box full of epoxies or whatever. The bag also has a few bucktail slots in the front. Anyways--I say go for it. If you aren't a purist about needing a sailcloth bag this is a fantastic option. Very rugged bag with much more flexibility in use/rigging than you are likely to find in a non-custom sailcloth bag.
  2. Not sure if its been brought up but I have a set of Glacier Gloves that I like. Index finger and thumb tips can pull back and hold with velcro, which helps for tying knots. They aren't waterproof, but neoprene so when they get wet they still insulate and stay warm-ish. I've come to the conclusion that, if you're fishing in're gonna have cold fingers, that's just how it is. But I like the Glacier Gloves because they dont get in the way, and they keep my hands warm-ish even when they get wet.
  3. I got one of those Turtle Cove Tackle rescue knives with the kydex sheath. Not my favorite knife, but I'll have it if I ever need it. Sharp, pretty rugged.
  4. Yeah unfortunately the smallest I can get in my stupid little car is like 9' :/
  5. Thanks, Kil! Do you think the 9'6 Moderate-Fast rod would be a good pencil popping rod?
  6. Thanks Aaron!
  7. Thanks recoil, nice looking rod but I should have clarified I'm looking for a 2-piece.
  8. Ah, yeah I noticed the same thing! Will have to keep an eye out for something used I guess. Another part of my GSB-alternative curiosity was trying to avoid the higher price tag lol. Thanks for the info!
  9. Let me know what you have! Looking for a 2-Piece GSB in the neighborhood of 10' 1-5, but interested in seeing what else is out there. I'm located in CT 06855.
  10. I have a short 3-tube ebb point bag (I think 6in Tubes) for $160 shipped. "Short" bag but fits all of my plugs up to 7.5". Can send pics if interested.
  11. Will have to check out the Nex1 line, thanks guys.
  12. Hey Kil! I have a 9'2 Cape Cod Special. Beautiful and useful rod, just a little fast for my linking on some applications.
  13. Over the past couple of years I've fished rods from a bunch of different brands (Black Hole, St. Croix, Dark Matter) that claim to be "moderate action" but I feel like they're often closer to fast action. So many people seem to fish GSB rods for their moderate action, durability, and ability to throw a large spectrum of baits. Are there rods/blanks out there with comparable action that won't break the bank? Not looking for a do-it-all rod, but would like something to throw pencil poppers, bigger soft plastics, and eels.
  14. Hey y'all. So, I am new-ish to saltwater kayak fishing; I have an open-top 10' fishing kayak that I've used for a couple of years fishing for pass and pike in freshwater, as well as occasionally stripers in salt ponds and back bays. I recently moved to the CT coast (around Norwalk) and have pretty good beach access to launch in an area that's relatively calm most days. There is a lot of multi-species potential, so my target species would include stripers, blues, fluke, tautog, etc. I'm beginning to plan/save to pick up a new kayak rig for next season, as the shore fishing just isn't doing it for me and I don't think a standard paddle kayak is going to do the trick in terms of mobility, and being able to stick to spots once I'm out there. My first instinct is to go for a pedal drive yak, though they are obviously pricey and a friend suggested that I could possibly pick up a longer/wider paddle kayak and attach a trolling motor to it for less $. I'm new to this corner of the sport, and not sure whether this is a feasible idea. I was wondering if anyone has tried this, and what your thoughts are. I haven't seen many do this, and suspect there is a reason lol, but wanted to understand why/why not. My fishing is fairly local and strictly inshore on water that is generally very calm--just looking for a way to get around and stay on spots where I'm not having to mess around with a paddle every 5 seconds. Thanks for your input--apologies if this topic is already covered somewhere else!