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  1. stale fuel , dirty carbs , dirty fuel filter , water seperator full, any of these things I believe could cause this. Check spark plugs, they can tell you a lot of what’s going on inside
  2. I’ve always had very good luck with a double uni knot , with a lock on it. Very simple , gives huge breaking strength
  3. IMO, it’s never worth the risk of getting stuck at the ramp, or worst case getting the car submerged. I’ve seen people with 1500s and 2500 trucks have trouble pulling out boats on slick ramps at low tide. Always plan for worst
  4. I know 2 strokes are a lot lighter , but there’s pros and cons to having to add oil , or having a outside oil reservoir. I have a Johnson 115 and I wouldn’t trade it for anything
  5. I have a 19 foot center console, I have a 24 foot enclosure winter rated , I love being able to work in there all winter. I put a shop light up in there too , stays warm with a greenhouse effect
  6. I love the wheelhouse! Is that something that could be retro fitted you think?
  7. Any grs collectors out there ? Show off your collections. Being from massachusetts I use grs and collect! Let’s see them!