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  1. Thank you for this tidbit of information on landing fish! I'm just getting into fly fishing for striper, but I've been spin fishing for them for years. I listen to Andy Mill and Tom Rosenbauer's podcasts religiously and a big topic of conversation has to do with the declining fisheries both here in NE for striper and Florida for tarpon. It's such a sad topic, especially as a young angler. I'll be sure to keep your tactics in mind as the season approaches.
  2. Good to know, I enjoy practicing my cast quite a bit so I'll be sure to be ready for the season when it arrives. Next year I think I'll look into a faster 9wt rod for the albies and redfish, but hopefully this one will work in the meantime.
  3. Can't beat 25 years tried and true! What line weight would you recommend? I've seen a great deal for a 7wt line, but i'm not sure if that would be too light. TFO recommends a 220 grain line.
  4. My thoughts exactly with the slower rod. I'm from NH but I'll visit friends in RI and CT to fish pretty often.
  5. Hi all, I'm starting to get together a reasonably priced saltwater setup mostly for striper and the occasional albie. So far I bought the Liquid Lamson -7+ and a Mangrove Coast 8WT. It seems like a softer rod, so I'm curious what people would recommend for an intermediate line. From what I can gather the most endorsed intermediate line is a RIO OB Short, but a more experienced friend said it might be too much for this rod. I'm also considering the RIO Striper line because it seems like a good all rounder line for my transition to salt. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!