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  1. Not sure if they were grifters like the Biden’s. I seem to recall the Leftys screaming about Cheney and Halliburton.
  2. How many billions of borrowed US taxpayer $$ are you willing to burden your grandchildren with before you say “enough”? Let us know, big spender.
  3. Keep in mind B2S told us Joe Biden just has a stutter.
  4. Great. This should bankrupt SS even quicker. Nice work Democrats. Crank up the inflation, and then have to increase SS to account for your failing economic policies. More winning. Democrat style!
  5. No, I find you quite entertaining.
  6. I never get bored reading a thread where Slacker is involved.
  7. Yep. Octo and FNM are two more Bidets that are OK with another US military boondoggle as long as it is the Democrats feeding the war machine. $50 billion and counting. Think of how many illegals we could house, feed, and educate with that $50bb.
  8. Stupid comment. Tell us. How many borrowed tax dollars are you willing to send to,Ukraine before you say “enough” with another US boondoggle.
  9. Thank god Meta is addressing those “fake news” bots. They did a great job stopping that fake Hunter Biden laptop news from getting around.
  10. So, why then would you vote for Joe Biden? Trump was the first President to enforce your two items bolded above.
  11. Yep. Boston is on its way to shitholia. The alleys in the Back Bay are the new tent cities.
  12. Remind us again which President got tough with China? And you all screamed "Ivanka got a patent...."
  13. Isn't this what Russia did to Europe? They used their useful idiots to shut down nuclear and gas, in favor of renewables. Now they are stuck buying that nat gas from Russia. These guys play the "long game" very well.
  14. Ray Epps should be arrested and in Fed prison right now. Along with all the others that the Feds deemed worth holding. There is video, posted here many times, of him telling people to go INTO the Capital. He insighted the "coup" as much as anyone. The Oversight committees need to get to the bottom of whether or not he is an FBI asset. The FBI Director refused to answer Ted Cruz when pressed on it.
  15. I’ve always heard good things about Digitaka. When you check their website, everything seems to be “out of stock” on the things you want. Including the Twinpower SW.