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  1. The “King of the Cut and Paste” rarely cites his source.
  2. So, 20,000 lies over 4 years and you got a few feeble attempts. Like most uninformed Libs, you cant differentiate between opinion and factual statements. Focus on Covid testing for example. Was it nationwide, was it localized in the centers (NY for example), was it in absolute volume, or per capital? Dr Birx **** down a fake news media fool that called her on that. So, epic fail again. Next.
  3. We believe you.
  4. Whose “facts”?
  5. Keep in mind you are talking to a person who is extremely offended by pizzagate. He does not find Joes preferences offensive.
  6. Windmills cause cancer. You and the other Genius used that one. Funny, there are 20,000 lies. Chris rock does a great standup on people who are happy to be uninformed. Google it.
  7. Fail. Keep trying. There are 20,000 you know. And you had to repeat the other dolt’s list. What’s it like being totally ignorant?
  8. This is a really good cut and paste Knewbee. Was there a question?
  9. “Cult”. I guess FNM pm’d you and told you to keep using “Cult” because he doesn’t have internet privileges anymore? Russia, NYT, lol.
  10. You and Max prove daily that you only know what MSNBC/CNN tells you. Again, give a couple of your favorites. Max just failed.
  11. And there you have it. Not one example given is a Trump lie. Keep trying. There’s 20,000
  12. Simple question. List a few in your own words. Max cant. He’s busy googling them.
  13. Only the Democrats could nominate a corrupt, child groping dementia sufferer who has been in Washington for 40 plus years. And tell you he will make things better. And the Libs here will vote for him. Hysterical!!!!
  14. Oh no! I hope MaxKatt has already received his new sandwich board, two bells, lights, and pink buttplugg. Or he won’t be able to stop the next outrage “on his watch”.