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  1. And after they passed your scrutiny, did they need to be confirmed by at least 60 others, who had a massive political agenda AGAINST you and anyone you wanted to hire? As well as the entire MSM with their fake news reporting? I'm sure some of the people you hired had a misdemeanor or two, bad credit, assault charges in their younger days, maybe some occasional drinking or recreational drug use, or a DUI. No one is an angel. But, when you are working to the Trump Admin, you had better be.
  2. Let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone.
  3. While you are at it, prove that Trump colluded with Putin, the Oligarchs and Deutsche bank.
  4. John Kerry is a lying POS. Typical Libs here supporting him.
  5. Oh my god!
  6. Obama had nothing to do with it either. At least you were bright enough to not try that one.
  7. TDS is so bad in some that they lose all track of time. And reality.
  8. Oh my god! Your TDS has gotten so bad you are posting during non company hours? Get some professional help.
  9. Are you talking about FNM and the Libs conspiracy about Trump, the Oligarchs and Deutsche Bank?
  10. This Hope is way better than the “Hope and Change” fool we were stuck with.
  11. Pretty sad when you are so full of hate and ignorance that you so willingly give up your credibility.
  12. “A source familiar with ....”. I.e. “we at the fake msm just made this $hit up to keep the ignorant Libs that watch our fake news fired up”.
  13. Exactly. And let them take over healthcare too. Then they wont need guns to kill us.
  14. “Mickey mouse”? Were you or Anyone here privy to the discussions that actually took place in the whitehouse? If nothing else, Iran knows they were 10 minutes away from an assault by the greatest military in the world.
  15. For what? Notice proper use of question mark.