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  1. Someone sent me the “meat recall” one a few weeks ago, then I watched the whole series. Hysterical Chummie
  2. I’ve got one last one left. Would pass for NIB. I’ll shoot pics tomorrow if interested. Would need $325 shipped PayPal without the line.
  3. Yep. I got to work. So do you Mr ebt
  4. Bought my first two custom rods from mike and a gold Abu 7000 narrow. Great guy. I will miss him
  5. Hey bill, do you still still have the 1322-2? may be interested in the package
  6. Seriously. That short bald midget should have known better. D cups are everywhere
  7. Good. No reason in the world this senile old bag should be voting on thing that effect the lives of 330 million Americans
  8. That’s a $65bb piece of Prime. I hope it was worth it!
  9. Funny I got paid today and all of my taxes were still taken from my check. Weird how that works. I wonder if “mr ebt” still got his benefits?
  10. First true thing CNN has posted in a while. You know now what is missing from this post? Libs.
  11. Just saw she’s going to “work from home” this week.
  12. The Libs here prove over and over they don’t know,the current gun laws on the books. That’s why Rachel Maddow owns you.
  13. Meanwhile the Lib sheep were just fine when the Federal Government, under the Dems, attempted to Nationalize 18% of our economy. Healthcare access for all was a “national emergency “.
  14. God J, she looks worse off than Hillary in that video. Its pathetic she she is still sitting/sleeping in that seat.
  15. Nigella!