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  1. Yep. $hitholler left town. White Privilege at its finest.
  2. If only Trump could have shut his mouth and avoided the fake MSM.
  3. Did it now. Did it increase by people contributing to the tax base, or those consuming tax dollars?
  4. Knewbee, this is a really stupid cut and paste. ILLEGAL immigration costs the US $116 BILLION annually. Probably well north of that now. How much do do you think it is costing us to house those thousands of children right now? How much are low and middle class wages suppressed by ILLEGAL immigrants working for $5/hr cash? What benefit does the US achieve from ILLEGAL immigration? Use your own words.
  5. NYC is a $hithole. The white privilege people that could, Left town.
  6. Agreed. Lousy inventory. Still. Free is free.
  7. If you believe 81 million people voted for Joe Biden, you are way number than the average racist Lib.
  8. You’ve lost it D Money.
  9. Really? Joe Biden instills confidence in you?
  10. Excellent point. I guess concerned citizens like * are just looking to save a few million taxpayer dollars on the audit. That is money that can go to housing illegal aliens. Oops. I mean future Democrat voters.
  11. Talk about a pathetic loser. Who does that? Like I always say, Liberals like * lack the shame gene. At least the usual uninformed, unhinged Libs have enough balls to post here. Wrong as they may be, they still give a shot at supporting their positions.
  12. Tell us, which of Joe Biden’s policies are leading to this great economic recovery?
  13. Great video. The election commissioner said “I looked into myself and found I did nothing wrong and there was no fraud”. You know anyone who has ever looked into something he or she oversees and said “yeah, I really effed up”? By the way. I hear Hunter Biden has investigated himself and found he did not wrong.
  14. McConnell and Graham are not RINO’s?