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  1. Good to hear from you Al!
  2. Can we disagree with the political views of Dick Blumenthal or John Kerry? Or is that a new low too?
  3. McCain the politician was a POS. Why he sent an envoy to get the Dossier tells you all you need to know about him. Trump should trash him 24/7. His daughter is just as useless and only only has her job because of her father.
  4. The dog whistle continues to expose I see.
  5. What is your effective tax rate each year? Did it go up or down yoy?
  6. He's doing fine. He's exposed the RINO Republicans for the POS's that they are. I hope they all get primaried and run out of town. They are no better than the Democrats. He woke up America to the corruption in the Intelligence Community and the extreme bias in the fake MSM. When he wins in 2020, he can personally tell Vlad "I'll have more flexibility now".
  7. He's already got the second term locked up. No one the Democrats are putting forward now will beat him. And they move further Left daily.
  8. Thought I'd bump this up since it has been a month. More people have probably finalized their tax returns and hopefully have had a chance to truly analyze their returns and not simply say "I got less of a refund, so I must have gotten screwed". Me personally, I under withhold, so I owe each year. Not enough to incur any kind of under withholding penalty. Why give the government and interest free use of your money right? And, I actually owe more this year than I did last year, but made a little less given our bonus situation. So did I pay more in taxes? NO. I'm in MA. Got capped on the SaLT, but now benefit from the $24K Standard Deduction (no longer have any mortgages). One child, so the $2K credit reduces the tax. In the past, it was $1K, and phased out at a lower income level and I could not take it. Lower tax brackets 2017 my effective tax rate was 15.04%. 2018 it is 13.16% So, in the end, my Fed taxes reduced by 12.5%. Love to hear some first hand accounts of how others actually did.
  9. This^. And not too long ago, Powell was trying to tick up the interest rates and Trump called him out on it, and put a hold on the rate hikes. If the China deal comes through, we should have a great run up in the market as well. There are more jobs than ever, for those willing to work.
  10. Chris Wallace and Shep Smith are Left leaning enough. I'm fine with Donna B. as a guest commentator. If they gave her her own show, I'd be suspect. Sure she's a known liar. Letting her run her mouth on Fox shows a very large audience just how deranged the Left is. Tucker invites some real geniuses on every night to expose their policies, and they willingly comply.
  11. Jemu really sucks.
  12. You got a better Democrat for them to hire? African American woman, high up in the Party. Fox continues to give a microphone to both sides of the debate. I applaud their commitment to a vigorous debate, unlike any of the other networks. Yes, she was caught cheating, but that’s just the Democrat way.
  13. In her world.
  14. I love when Lefty's post stupid stuff like they did above. All you have to do it watch Fox at any point of the day, and you will see the panel truly is "fair and balanced". They give the deranged Liberals just as much time to talk and share their viewpoints as they do the intelligent, fact based Conservatives. Watch CNN and see who their "conservatives" are. Anna Navarro? Rick Santorum? The latter lives in fear of losing his last paying gig and rarely shows a set of balls. Donna B will be much like Juan W and some of the others Libs.
  15. A tremendous loss to the community.