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  1. That’s an Executive Assistant. Not a secretary.
  2. So, illegal shitholers are going to Detroit and getting union jobs?
  3. There is a value to a job. A secretary or a janitor shouldn’t make $100k. No matter how long they’ve been doing it. In the real world, raises and promotions come around once a year, at review time. Want to make more? Quit to go to a competitor and see if your current employer will counter. If you are good, they will. If you suck, see ya.
  4. ^^^ @fishnmagician this is what a cult looks like. America is becoming a third world shithole led by a corrupt senile old racist kiddie toucher PUPPET and dopes/ clowns like you and Dwyak will vote to continue the downward spiral. way to go, Patriots! Party over Country.
  5. Trump will be the R Nominee. Not sure about Biden. The AG may get the word from the D elite that Joe has to go. And then they will all of a sudden become apolitical.
  6. Democrats (including you) voted in a corrupt senile old racist kiddo toucher. And they did the same with Fetterman in PA. The real cultists are you and the D’s, voting D no matter how bad or dangerous the candidate is for America. You should be proud.
  7. No republican will win. Democrats have mastered “mail in ballots “.
  8. Yep. Democrats are the biggest RACISTs going.
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