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  1. Well, Shitholler ran from this discussion like FNM from a job offer.
  2. Oh boy. Looks like we have a new Knewbee on our hands.
  3. Well, fill us in. Where/when have you called for equal application of the law?
  4. Come on Mr White Privelege. We are giving you the opportunity to defend your statement. Or, are you just another lying Lefty, like FNM and Dude?
  5. I’m awaiting Mr equal justice to give us a few examples. I will give him the opportunity to prove he isn’t a Lefty hack like FNM , Dude and A2M.
  6. Are you really? I don’t seem to recall you spouting anything other than Lefty drivel. Fill us in on where you called for equal application in the case of any Democrats who ran afoul of the law.
  7. ^^^^^ One of Team Genius’ best and brightest. Celebrating the weaponization of the DOJ. Because, it’s being done to one of those nasty republicans. Way to go, Patriot!
  8. Trump Pompeo 2024
  9. Good. AG is a racist bitch. She let Cuomo walk.
  10. Looks like Ann Coulter.
  11. Batman and Robin can finish each others lies they are so in synch.
  12. Anyone who condones what the FBI just did to DJT really is a fool. Left or Right, they should see the horror of how their tax dollars are being used to suppress their fellow Americans.
  13. FIFY
  14. Yes, there was plenty of actual criticism of DJT over the past six years. He should have tweeted less. He should have made himself less available to the fake MSM who easily twisted his careless words to spin up rubes like you and Batman. But, if you want to tell us that “justice” is applied equally to the Left as it is to the Right, you are either a fool, or a liar.