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  1. Decent size buck in my yard today, eating my damn shrubs.
  2. Merry Christmas!
  3. I did use this pouch throughout the season, mostly for carrying an extra plug tube (made from a racquetball container) . I would not use this for eels because the pouch stays clipped on your belt. For eels, I use a regular mesh bag that I connect to my belt by the drawstring. I put a small piece of pool noodle inside the bag so it floats. Hope this helps.
  4. If still available, I will pick up this weekend (today or tomorrow). Thanks!
  5. Offer removed. Thanks and good luck!
  6. Reviving this thread to ask for updated feedback from those who have used the Seage this season. I am considering buying the 9-foot moderate action model (90MM2) but I would appreciate your feedback on other models too. Thanks in advance!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  8. Great idea! Count me in. Busy time of year but I’ll make it work somehow.
  9. I got out yesterday at noon, much later than I would prefer. Still managed to get one keeper tog and two keeper sea bass from shore. Worked hard to get them but got ‘em nonetheless. Others that were there earlier had more success.
  10. I don’t mind fishing around other people. In the past couple of years I have made new friends (and good ones) simply by being willing to say hello and give people a chance. Sure I’ve met some a-holes out there, but overall I’ve met more good people. Maybe even some of you? My point is that if you walked out the door at some miserable hour and hiked over uncomfortable terrain to find somebody at your destination, you probably share more in common with that person than you realize. Unfortunately the same logic doesn’t readily apply to the most convenient spots. If a spot is convenient enough to bring coolers, chairs, tents, grills, etc., I’m not saying you should go join the picnic and get to know the fam. You certainly won’t find me there. But if you find someone (or even a few people) on some remote rock or beach on a Tuesday at 1AM, like it or not you share something in common. Like I said earlier, the people I’ve talked to at that hour in those spots are quality people. Not gonna name-drop but some of them are very well-known. Some are friends now and overall it’s helped me be a better fisherman and feel more like part of a community.
  11. You might have more success in the “Plugs - Want to Buy” forum. Good luck!
  12. Damn it! I was trying to paste in a Best Buy pic. Looks exactly like the Best Buy theme. Way better with the blackout.
  13. I’ll take this for asking price.
  14. Is Huntington in NY? Are you ever up near RI/MA?
  15. My unsolicited advice: lube your reel! If you haven’t done maintenance on your reel since winter then add some oil/grease. I had two amazing days in the past week catching 13 total from shore. The action on day 2 took a toll on my reel. Fortunately I had a back up with me so no disruption. Re-applied lube and now it’s good to go but honestly I wish I had done that in advance. Last thing you want is to get on these fish and have equipment issues.