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  1. Is this SOLD? If not I'm next in line.
  2. Shark Lobster, Sorry took awhile to response. After read a couple post in this forum about Visser (long discussion) I have change of heart and decided not to look for Visser any longer (at least for gen 1 version). Still want to own one in future just to find out myself but not as of now. On top of that I don't want low ball/going back to my word/offered. MOD please close this post for me. Thanks
  3. No problem ... keep me in mind ... would like to try out salt X model... used to own Tsunami Airwave Elite and like it.
  4. I have a Penn Conflict II CFT5000 LC NIB to trade plus cash if you interest. Are you willing to ship?
  5. Still looking for one. Read gen 1 with water intrusion issue but still want to own one to test it out. If can't find one with decent price as offered I may change direction to Van Staal VR.
  6. Thanks R.R Bridge Fisher. I'm new to this and I didn't send any PM or intent to break any rules in PM. Was hoping to see the reel in videos that was it. Look like Shark Lobster not going to take the offer. Appreciate the help and advice.
  7. Hi Shark Lobster, Sorry crazy day at work and didn't have time to settle to response. The reel look great.... Respectfully offer for $425 shipped (Oklahoma). I know you've stated it's in mint condition. I can't see the lip of the spool well so if you don't mind take a video of the reel and I can provide my cell number in PM. ....If everything is good and you accept my offer I can PP. Let me know. Thanks
  8. No problem ... unless you want to trade for Penn Conflict II CFTII5000LC brand new/untouch plus cash on my end.
  9. Bunker_Bill13 More than what I have in mind to pay for. Would you take $425 shipped via PP?
  10. Sound good. When you have more time to send more pictures, condition of the reel, how long you have the reel (base on the picture look like it an old version), have it been service etcc and we'll take it from there. Not interesting to trade for Penn Conflict long cast? Thanks
  11. Shark Lobster.. can you post the pictures of the reel?
  12. I want to buy Visser no.6 with a mint condition and reasonable price. Have to ship to me unless you're in Oklahoma. I have a NIB Penn Conflict II 5000LC can trade in plus cash/PP. If you have one let me know and post the pictures of the reels.
  13. NE over Bills Bengals over Raiders My pick for today...