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  1. Nice, my girl just turned 12 and she acts like a puppy!!
  2. Beautiful looking Dog. I got an English setter also but my girl is all white with a brown and black face.
  3. How many years does it take to grow an apple tree that produces apples? My wife wants one but I think I’ll be dead before I see an apple.
  4. I just seen this on you tube. The place should be cleaned up some how. I stopped taking my kids with me fishing because of the asshats down there. I’m at BSP and that’s where I normally fish nowadays regardless if the fish aren’t there. To much BS everywhere else .
  5. 100% agree. I try not fishing next to a crowd but sometimes it’s not easy. I’d rather fish alone and catch 1 fish than fish with a crowd and catch a bunch. I’m fishing to forget about what every day life has to hand out.
  6. I watched a guy on Sunday at the Canal catch a bluefish then proceed to stand on its head while trying to unhook it. Took about 4-5 minutes, then took a bunch of cell phone pics. And was trying to video the release as it floated away.
  7. You tube followers.
  8. How about the last 3 yrs of tipping over the out house behind bsp . They finally anchored it down this yr.
  9. Nice, where do you get it fixed or is it right through Penn? My son’s penn 6500 is reeling backwards and I can’t find anyone to fix it.
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of work they’re doing to the bridge, I heard traffic is horrible!!
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