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  1. White perch!!
  2. Baby bonito!
  3. The one thing I don’t understand is just cutting the hook off at skin level, how the hell do you get the rest of it out?
  4. I saw the video on YouTube, some guy just used a giant pair of bolt cutters and cut the hook off it, and yes a swim shad. I didn’t see any cops or firemen in the picture so maybe a separate incident!!
  5. Anyone know what happened this morning at Bell rd. ? I saw an ambulance ,the police and the game warden over there. I was on the other side and didn’t have my binoculars with me.
  6. The crazy thing was it was a tow truck with a crane on it for turning over trucks in accidents, definitely not a real crane. They actually dragged it up the rocks until it got to the grass because the boom could not extend that far.Total **** show. I watched it for hrs.
  7. I’ve seen the game warden the last 3 days on the canal. 2 times on the service rd. And once in the campground. Not really anyone fishing. When there were hundreds of people the last few yrs. Tossing fish in the bushes or hiding them in the car I don’t think I seen 3 all summer in each of those yrs.
  8. Just watch fishing with vinny on you tube. Complete **** show. Tangled lines already at bell rd. What a disaster.
  9. I seen an old lady inside Bsp get on one newly purchased for her and her husband, and hit the throttle by mistake instead of pedaling and she did a wheelie then crashed on her stomach on the road and the bike went flying. Not a great site to see. I think there will be changes to come soon so I'm holding off buying one.
  10. Just got off the phone with the rmv, said my plates are going out today. It's about time. I had to call like 15 times to get through but finally did.
  11. I got my info today. It says you have 90 days to get in touch with the Rmv. I tried calling at 12 and they were closed for the holidays. Wtf