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  1. I do enjoy my Lew’s 2011 tournament pro, nothing but praise for that one.
  2. Yeah, I kinda highjacked the conversation... my Tranx400 is perfect!
  3. That’s awesome SuperApe!
  4. I’ve had the Curado K for a couple years now, it’s definitely a solid reel as well. I’ve been using it for chatter baits and crank baits. I haven’t used any of the Shimano rods but Dobyn’s definitely gives you your moneys worth.
  5. I picked up a Chronarch last year and it quickly became my favorite reel. It’s so light, compact, smooth, and cast like a dream. I have it spooled with 17lbs mono for topwater and square bills and I wanted to never put the rod down.
  6. Nice to know I’ll get 40+ years out if my Bantam, I’ll will it to my kids.
  7. I think your on to something... I seem to notice it when it’s cold out and not so much when it's hot. Maybe the grease doesn’t perform well in colder temperatures and the anti-reverse gets stuck.
  8. I tried to add a video but not sure that it worked. The handle can be move continuously backwards. 60199C41-4E9E-4202-B29C-8AC4166F82BA.MOV
  9. I'm able to reel the handle backwards, it seems like the gearing disengages or slips. If I lightly jiggle the handle it will eventually find this spot and I can reel backwards.
  10. My Truth SG's (before they were Seigler) handle slips, is this due to that bearing? I'm glad you mentioned Seigler I need to reach out to them and see if they could fix it.
  11. I replaced the roller bearings on my 2 Stradic FI’s with sealed Boca bearings a long time ago and I’ve had zero issue. The handle knobs on the other hand continued to melt off so I removed all of the sticky rubber, the Ci4’s and FL I have don’t have this issue.
  12. The infinity loop goes against Fuji’s New Guide Concept... the idea is to wrangle the loops quickly to straighten out the line allowing for improved casting distance. You wouldn’t want the loops to continue... for infinity.
  13. My TRX400A (I think I bought it 3 or 4 years ago) works perfect. I've caught King Mackerels and Bull Reds in the gulf with no issues. But, If my drag was slipping I'd blow the dust off my trusty old tool set, access the drag washers, whip off all the drag grease then reapply. It's cheap, easy, and takes maybe 30 minutes. While you're taking it apart make sure all the pieces are present to. If that didn't work I'd sell it to a guy like me, say for $50.00? Good deal for a busted reel right?
  14. Hahahaa! To be a ‘serious’ bass angler you have to have all the gear, 25 rods, 10,000 lures, a $80,000 boat to race 10 miles across a lake in 40 degree weather in the rain to a spot no one else has fished that day to hope to catch a fish that will eat bubble gum.