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    Now retired and chasing freshwater stripers in Raystown Lake, spend winter on west coast of Florida near Tampa Bay.
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    Flyfishing, Boating, flytying, long range shooting and cooking.
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  1. Quest has ended. Book was found and purchased. Thanks for viewing.
  2. I am building a salt water library and this book was recommended. I fish in Florida in winter/early spring and would like a tarpon fishing reference.
  3. Hey there! That is a beautiful hat. It would look good on me. I'm in.
  4. I've been fishing so long, all my buddies are dead or invalid. I fish alone and need some fishing partners. I am 74.
  5. 10x10 flies. Here are a few from my collection. Not for sale at this time.








  6. The Abel 3 big game and the 3N are the only reels I need to saltwater fish. I have mine since before 1990 and use them every year and have caught a boatload of fish on each. I know the new reels are lighter, etc, but I love these reels.
  7. Just stumbled on to,this thread. A good while ago, night fishing on MV on Squibnocket Beach. Pitch black night very calm surf. Reached the mussel bed stretch and tripped over something that felt alive. I got up fast and switched on my light. There were at least 6 or so giant conger eels. They were stacked like firewood. These things were as big around as my leg and about 5 to 7 ft long. Ugliest thing I ever saw for a face with needle like teeth. How did they get there? I don’t know.
  8. Contact Foster Kreppel at Woodland Plantation, West Point a la Hatch, LA. See website for Woodland Plantation. He will put you in touch with some great guides in the area as they all pick up and drop off customers at the plantation. The WP offers the best accommodations and meals anywhere south of New Orleans. Fishing is great in the whole area. I have fished with a guide named Shane Mayfield who I highly recommend.
  9. I have about 8 or 9 flies from Kenny. I have the crawfish pictured above and a bunch of others for freshwater. Kenny and I worked at Angler’s Pro Shop in Souderton, PA before he opened his own shop. We fished together at the Vineyard and in the Poconos. He fished the Delaware river a lot. We exchanged Xmas and birthday gifts which were often Kenny flies in a cedar box (Cuban cigars). I am not selling them at this point, but will post pictures when I get home. I am in Florida thru March and maybe April. I will remember to post them. Kenny and I were close friends back then and there are plenty of stories about him and fly tying.
  10. Will you take $250.00 including shipping to Florida?
  11. Reel has been sold. Thank you for your interest. Thread is closed.
  12. Sold to my fishing club member for $200.00. He is not a member of this site.
  13. I have another offer on my reel which I am going to accept if you don’t wish to make our trade. Let me know.
  14. I’m not trying to gouge you, but if you toss 100.00 with the reels, that would close the deal.
  15. If you have a decent surf rod to go with the reels, we could make a trade. I live 20 minutes from Penn State and can meet you on Dec 10. Let me know.