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  1. Let split shipping cost. 85$ to your door for those 2.
  2. Bone, Bunker and night blue color. 2 news and 1 carry(bunker). Looking for 40/each+10 shipping. Pics come later tonight
  3. I have 3 senior troller if you are interested
  4. Thank you! Mr Goldy! Could you do 30$ shipped? (compare rusted to new with 40$) Let me know if this work! Thank you!
  5. Hello all, Just quick looking used/new/good condition for Flatlander Boga 60 holder. Please do shipping if you have one. Thank you!
  6. Second if this deal fall thru. Thanks
  7. How simple is that!! Thank you! A little concern is sometime, cork tape do no stick well to maintain the position before shrink. Any idea to solve it?
  8. Gent, just looking for some advice for custom rear grip for surf rod I like some builder made a diamond rear grip for surf rod. Was wondering how to get it done? All idea are welcome.
  9. I would like to take the bunker if Slacktidebri does not want it!
  10. Would you do 35 shipped? thank you
  11. I will take the century for asking price!
  12. Hello there! Would you interested to trade 3tube Gear up? Let me know! Thank you!
  13. Can you do 100$ pick up? thank you!