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  1. How is it that these numbers can vary so greatly year to year?
  2. Yeah, I’ve been told it’s a herring. Looking pictures of alewives and they look very similar - strange seeing them so small though. Here’s a picture of a 2.5 in alewife from the web.
  3. Does anyone have an ID for this fish? Thought sea herring, but maybe juvenile hickory shad? There are schools of them in the three bays - and couldn’t get them to hit a small sabiki.
  4. I won it with the 36, got it a couple hrs before the deadline and was pretty surprised that it was the biggest.
  5. Lots of hickory shad around, chunked one and caught a nice slot bass pretty quickly today. Gonna try live lining one soon
  6. Anyone have any luck in cape cod bay yet? Also curious, when do fluke start coming inshore north of the cape? I did well in the middle/end of summer last year.
  7. Dead squid washed up on marsh, south shore
  8. It was a few, pacing and howling about 100 yds from me, hard to see in the dark though. Once they started getting a little closer I threw on my headlamp and chased them away
  9. Turns out that getting stalked by coyotes is a good way to not stay out too late..
  10. Landed a fish and it shook two sets of trebles right into my leg not fun. Do I need to do anything besides clean it and hit w antibacterial cream?
  11. Yeah got stuck in traffic for a while because of it, bunch of ambulances, a fire truck, and tow truck went by. Not sure how bad it was though, everything was gone by the time I reached where it happened.
  12. In Brewster for the weekend camping with a friend - biked down to the beach and spent a little time fishing casually, caught a few schoolies. It’s pretty cool being able to see small schools of stripers roaming the flats, and lots of big silversides! All the fish on a CG J5
  13. I meant to say yesterday, some of the fish I caught were spitting up what I’m pretty sure are bay anchovies - do we get them north of the cape? Definitely weren’t silversides
  14. Knew it was gonna be a great day today… walked way out on the marsh in the bay and caught a couple small fish, then a massive blitz started up and lasted for two hours! Landed probably 25 fish, got totally soaked and had waterlogged boots the whole time, and ended up with the first keeper of the year! The fish weren’t picky at all, but I did best with a bare bucktail. And the best part, nobody else was around
  15. I’m not that desperate to inflate my numbers.. yet
  16. It is, didn’t even realize. It’s a very fishy looking color, now all I gotta do is catch a fish on it
  17. Colonial tunicates
  18. Only one fish and a couple hookups the past two days maybe i need the wind to come back hah. Also, sorry to this poor guy ..
  19. I’m surprised at how hard they are to find, that’s why I posted in the other thread about making my own with Dan’s jig heads
  20. Wow, thanks Cary! Now I’m all excited to tie and fish these things.
  21. Also - I’d have to imagine upperman style jigs would be perfect for snap jigging, with the way they’d dart and wiggle on a hard snap