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  1. What I would really like to experience for myself is the epic bluefishing of the past. I’ve had some great striped bass fishing in the few years I’ve been at it, but I’ve never seen anything like the epic gator blitzes that I’ve heard stories about. Maybe one day.
  2. I don’t know how true it is, but I remember reading something about how Neanderthals may have been more intelligent than Homo sapiens, but they weren’t as social and thus they couldn’t compete in the end
  3. Think of what a mess the world would be in if there were different species of humans alive now. We still can’t even handle different races lol
  4. This past spring I was fishing off a large boulder one night. I turned around at some point and a possum was sitting five feet behind me on top of the rock. I tried to chase him off but he didn’t seem to want to get in the water and it was like a 20ft swim. Still don’t know why he was out there lol, stayed with me on the rock for over an hour then disappeared
  5. I agree it does look like that. My catch, in a tidal holdover creek
  6. I think it must be yeah. Just weird how it is deformed so “perfectly”
  7. I didn’t think white perch hybridized with striped bass in the wild? But certainly no white bass around here as far as I know
  8. Anyone ever seen a bass like this? It was very perch shaped- in person even more so. Literally looked like a giant perch with stripes?? Or like a hybrid bass
  9. I prefer living amongst a diverse and thriving natural world… but call me crazy
  10. It does seem like there’s a lot of work being done in MA to remove dams which is good, I know on the south shore there have been a bunch of dams removed or in the process. My question is, I thought that many of the dams here on the east coast are quite old(nearly 100 or more years)? But it seems like the herring and smelt issues are more recent. Have there been more dams built in the last 50-ish years that have impacted the fish? Even with the river herring moratorium and dam removal work things don’t seem to be getting better.
  11. Was just about to say that. I think I recall people used to use whiting/silver hake for bait too? Don’t think they are very oily either
  12. mcnar

    Favorite tin?

    Charlie Graves are my choice as well. I like the tin J8 as a go to, as well as the peanut bunker tin. And I like the catch all tackle duo locks, they feel really solid.
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