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  1. Dude was thrashing around playing “victim “ for training. What do they expect in ocean. Shark probably thought was a seal. Maybe train in the bay. Long Island is a White shark nursery.
  2. I haven’t had any issues with mine.
  3. My youngest on Peconic bay this week. Having a blast with trolling motor.
  4. Are they selling non resident pass this year? Last I heard was no.
  5. I’ve bought rods from them. Make sure in stock. I waited 2 months for freshwater rod this spring.
  6. I built rack. 2 treated 8’ 4x4 posts. 2 treated 2x4 to make arms. My lighter yaks stored upside down in this. Heavy yaks stay in trailer. Uv, Waterproof cover on each.
  7. Believe first edition. Idk if Tsunami has updated reel. I have a rip spot on power knob. Still a very good reel.
  8. Surf fishing either Guy Cotton, or Stormer
  9. Penn Spinfisher 3500-4500, tsunami shield 4000, slammer 3 4500.
  10. Tilapia is gross.
  11. I heard one boat was $125 person. $1 for each porgy cleaned, $20 tip. Lot of money for porgies.
  12. @CWitek and @MattituckMike I didn’t know scup limit was same. I don’t fish for them. I read it on a FB post, looked like it was new changes.
  13. @CWitek bag limit change for party boats. 30 scup for individual, 50 on party boat.
  14. Surf I like Smiling Bill head. Boat or kayak I like minnow head. I feel the Smiling Bill has better action in Surf then any other type.
  15. Put some outriggers on, or buy a wider yak. My first kayak felt unstable( Ocean Kayak Prowler) . I bought a Brooklyn pk13, wider. I can stand in it. Now I’m in a Hobie PA 14, wider and heavier.
  16. Night time is the right time. Creeping while your sleeping.
  17. This is low speed on the Watersnake T24 IMG_7021.MOV
  18. I follow several east end party boats. Very few fluke being caught.
  19. @Dieseldog13 I just installed. Test run tomorrow evening.
  20. I just put a Watersnake T24 on my PA. Mounted thru the mirage drive hole.
  21. Live liner model?
  22. 8000 size is heavy. Wear out your shoulder casting. 3 years ago I fished with 7500 Spinfisher. Now I use a 5500 Torque, 4500 Slammer, 5000 Shield, and 6000 Saltx. These are on 9-11’ rods. The Saltx is on a 20 year old custom Lamiglass. Rest are on newer, lighter rods. I can fish all night, no pain next day. I have bigger reels on my chunking rods, which are in sand spike.
  23. I have a Spinfisher 4500 on a Jigging world Nexus rod. I use in kayak a lot. I don’t feel that it’s heavy.
  24. Eastern Long Island $13.95 pint. That’s one shop I saw price.
  25. Some ppl make risers for seats. I have 3” on my BKC. Bought an older Hobie PA, I’d like to upgrade seat on it.