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  1. I have a Spinfisher 4500 on a Jigging world Nexus rod. I use in kayak a lot. I don’t feel that it’s heavy.
  2. Eastern Long Island $13.95 pint. That’s one shop I saw price.
  3. Some ppl make risers for seats. I have 3” on my BKC. Bought an older Hobie PA, I’d like to upgrade seat on it.
  4. Clams are high. Clams I use in chowder have doubled price per gallon in 2 years. Boats and trucks run on diesel. I paid $6.39 gallon diesel yesterday for my truck.
  5. I have 11’ tsunami Airwave elite with Penn Torque 5500. It’s my fave combo, doesn’t wear out my arm.
  6. There are beaches in FL that charge by the hour for parking. On North fork, DEC ramp in Mattituck, Southold, and East Marion. County ramp in Southold too.
  7. Only been out once so far. Work and wind, keep me in. Nice searobin
  8. There’s Long Island kayak bass fishing. They are freshwater. There’s a Facebook group, Hobie Fishing NY. They do group outings.
  9. @Dieseldog13 long handle rods are uncomfortable to me in kayak. If they are past my elbow, too long. I have 1 bait caster that is long, I still use. Rest are short handle.
  10. I’m using a Jigging world nexus, Penn Spinfisher 4500. I’m looking to add another rod. Used 7’ Star Airiel last night. Too thick, didn’t fit rod holders. Go look at local tackle shop next week.
  11. @chrisbarclay try Berkeley Fireline, it works well on my Penn Grennies. The old reels have narrow spools. I still have a couple Crack 300s. Yes they are heavy, separates us men from the boys. I also have a Crack trade reel, I forget who it was made for. Old NY store.
  12. When I’m on kayak, I watch for boats. I’m not risking my life, hoping they see me. Always have my flag up, light on in darkness. I’m usually last one to come in.
  13. Mount to bow or stern of kayak?
  14. I feel that they are better now. I don’t change hooks. Just crush barbs.
  15. @beerdoh I believe Zman are the only brand that needs be separate. They make their own storage bags.