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  1. Jim I appreciate your prompt reply. KG
  2. I happen to see thar Tackle Direct had a Penn Fierce IV for sale. I went on the Penn website and didn't see a listing for this reel. Could you please tell me about the differences/improvements that were made to the Fierce III. Thank you
  3. I too, occasionally , fish for stockers with bright flies. I am glad that I have a small river close by to be able to do this. I believe that getting into a fly rut is somewhat common amongst a lot of fisherman. I limit myself to a handful of patterns that I always use. I should try to diversify flies choices a bit.
  4. That is one bright fly. It sometimes surprises me that trout are interested in a particular pattern that I don't like or think would be effective. I guess that is part of my problem, the fish and I not agreeing on my fly choice. Myself, I much prefer that nice batch of hackled Pheasant Tail Nymphs that you posted about a month ago or so.
  5. I may look around for a spool but for now I think I will just fish the reel as it I appreciate your replies.
  6. I have an older Penn spinning reel, a 747. The body and spool show wear to the point where there is some bare metal exposed. I was going to repaint the body but hesitating on the spool because it is aluminum. While fishing, the reel doesn't get splashed regularly. Should I not worry about the wear and just fish or paint it? I am not a seasoned saltwater fisherman so I am not sure of the best pan of action. Thank you.
  7. I purchased a Fenwick 8' #6 4-piece rod almost fifty years ago. I have been through a lot of fly rods made of different materials and I regard this as one on the best. It performs well and is fun to fish.
  8. I originally started tying my own flies to save money but quickly realized it was more expensive for me than buying flies. If I could no longer fish I would continue to tie . Do not ask me to justify my tying material expenditures, I could not do it. A pleasure for me over the years is giving a friend in need a particular fly pattern or two. I do this on the condition that I get a fishing report. When you don't get out yourself it is fun to hear about fish caught on flies that you have tied.
  9. Though I don't use sinking or sink tip lines that much myself I think that you might try taking a look at Teeny lines. There are quite a few fly fisherman who prefer this line when fishing sub surface.
  10. I am a freshwater fly fisherman that recently started saltwater fishing. There a are lot of different species and methods but I think that fly fishing for Sunfish with small poppers and subsurface flies on a lighter fly rod is some of the most fun one can have while fishing. A great method of fishing from a kayak. There are a lot of guys who will do this when their other target species are not cooperating and there are also quite a number of guys who target them. You don't have to break the bank on equipment purchases, a light freshwater fly rod does not have to face the rigors of saltwater fishing and does not get beat up quickly. Also, fly casting is not as difficult as some believe it to be. There are plenty of You tube instructionals on casting and tackle. An evening of catching Sunfish that are breaking the surface when they hit your popper is a blast.
  11. I have been fortunate and have not lost much of my fly-tying materials as result of insect infestation or rodent damage. Some years ago, I had a mouse get into my hen necks, he unfortunately had good taste. The mouse did not touch the inexpensive imported necks, he only chewed up a Metz and a Keough neck. I was, luckily, able to salvage most of the feathers. Too bad he didn't prefer the flavor of the cheaper necks. I recently opened a small streamer fly box to find some insect damage. The bugs worked over about eight streamers, eating only some of the winging material. I found it to be funny because I liked the look of some the sparser streamers the bugs trimmed for me. No complaints here, I have read about some material loss horror stories.
  12. Hook I I have seen a lot of color variations of the Isonychia , your blend looks like a good one. Thanks
  13. Hook I That is a nice looking Isonychia, what is the dubbing recipe?
  14. I was working on a reel in my basement some months back. I was compressing a spring into place and thought that it was set but it went flying, that is the last time I saw that spring. Some years ago, I dropped a small reel part on a carpet and could not find it. I got my small vacuum out and put a new clean bag in it. After vacuuming the carpet I opened up the bag, did a little sifting and found the part.
  15. I always use dubbing wax before I start applying the dubbing material and then sometimes dab my finger during the tying process. I especially like it for dubbing coarse furs and synthetics and also when tying a fly utilizing a dubbing loop.