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  1. This reminds me of a person who jumped in front of 3 guys on a jetty and started to cast. I could not believe what I saw. He jumped down on some lower rocks right in front of 3 guys like they were not even there! I try and stay away from people period when I am fishing.
  2. Also really good for dogs with their raw diets.
  3. I heard someone say one time.... "if your not enjoying retirement, it's your own damn fault"... made me think a bit
  4. I have the n.3 for my kayak. No problems at all and I really like the reel. It was fished very hard last year.
  5. What I meant was, the real coin with the right markings and weight does not change. There usually is something that the fake coin has on it that is different then the real coin. No matter how close the copy!
  6. I collect coins, and in the coin market there is only "one real coin" and there are many different benchmarks to prove that it is legit. So any other fakes that come out will need to stand the test against the "original". Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that how it works accross the board?!
  7. Not necessarily, people have videos on YouTube that have expertise in differentiating between counterfeit and real!
  8. Not to mention coins, The market for coins is saturated with fake made in China! if you know what you're looking for you could spot them out quickly but if you don't you can get burned.
  9. I have Visser 3 reel set with a Century mag taper 7'10 cut down 4" from the butt and 6" from the tip section for a 7. I run single foot titanium seaguides on both. I have 2 of these. I fish for stripers and blues on extreme Easter LI sound and back bays.
  10. Thank you guys, I am actually not looking for new pliers anymore....... I'm kidding. Tight Lines to all
  11. Visser made in US too I beleive.
  12. Wow, lots of feedback here. Thanks a lot fellas....
  13. Hello all. I am in the market for anew set of pliers. I am looking for something that is saltwater friendly non corrosive. I notice the Van Staal and Danco pliers are titanium which are swell, but come with a very hefty price tag. Any other suggestions? They will be used on my kayak mostly. Thanks
  14. I have a garmin Striker 4 and I like it a lot. I might upgrade but not sure to what yet.
  15. Question, how long will your 100ah battery last on your trolling motor? Say you have it on full throttle the entire time ( obviously not going to happen realistically). I just want to know because I have a 50ah .