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  1. Sheeeeesh
  2. I’d offer 23 for the high hook
  3. WTB BM Mini Wadd
  4. Looking for wadds or anything wood (BM, Gibbs pro series, Trickster, habs, etc.)
  5. Do striped bass stop spawning at a certain age?
  6. Having a small network is part of the game as long they share info amongst each other.
  7. Any fishing shows or expos on Long Island this winter?
  8. For 10 or 10’6 VS200 if 11 foot VS250
  9. The zip tie barely changes the action or symmetry. Great idea and works.
  10. If you zoom into the scales of the fish in the photo, you can see different vibrant colors when lighting is present. Looks similar to cotton candy colors.
  11. All models catch fish just depends on the profile of the bait around.
  12. The striped bass gets way too much attention from recreation and commercial fisherman throughout the North East. It will not sustain much longer unless new measures are made. Not to say there aren’t really good days of fishing but the amount of pressure on this fish is too much. The slot class of fish is the missing class of fish that aren’t around like they should be. Once the bigger fish that are over slot die out nothing will take their place from the slot class.
  13. Uni to uni or blood knot all day