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  1. No worries, thanks. Good luck!!
  2. Any chance you would ship to PA I will pay for shipping
  3. New to surf fishing. Looking to buy a Saltx 4000. Thanks
  4. I will look into that. Thanks for all the replies and help.
  5. No the tires did not hit with the old springs. I just thought they were too close for comfort, so I changed them. I took it on a short drive with no issues. I have a 5 hour trip coming up soon, just want to make sure all is good. Thanks
  6. Single axle, I changed them because the original ones were shot. Yes, same dimensions but stronger.
  7. Last year I replaced the leaf springs on my trailer. I stepped up to the next weight. my wheel well sits approx. 1-2 inches above the wheel. I am afraid if I hit a bump or a pothole, I will rub the tire. any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  8. Jcab83 Really appreciate the info. I am really getting started in striper fishing and looking for a solid reel to start. Van Staal are too expensive, that is why I was looking into the SaltX. Tight lines.
  9. Chiefs deserved to lose. They should have just kicked the field goal to end the half. Ahhhh I remember the days here when Big Red thought he was smarter then the league.
  10. I have played in rougher 2-hand touch games.
  11. Wished the refs just let them play to the end without having to put their mark on game. Call on Wilson was as tacky as can be.
  12. Are the SaltX completely sealed. Anybody have any issues with them?
  13. I use them. I started out using a backpack. Surf bags are much easier.
  14. They need to raise the fine and confiscate all gear involved. Just think of how many didn’t get caught. Disgusting, really is for the honest anglers like us!!!!!!
  15. There needs to be stricter regulations for commercial just like for us anglers