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  1. I had no idea they named the company after Lake Fenwick! That's a fun bit of history. I don't see any serial number, so I assume its from a later set. There are some 320s and 340s etc. rods online that have sold for about 100-200 bucks, but I'm hoping that this 333 being a "Jim Green Autograph" model has some special value. Jim Green was a pretty cool dude who helped out the company, he even set the 1947 world record for distance casting. I'll keep looking around, but the rod's probably going to find a nice cozy nook in my garage for the next 50 years.
  2. Fenwick 333 9' 5oz Jim Green Autograph Can anyone tell me more about this rod? I called up Fenwick directly but they have no record of it. I'm guessing its a 1955-1962 model because the logo does not have the Fenwick eagle.
  3. How are standardized tests taken underwater? ...with a #2 pencilfish.