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  1. I currently live in Richmond, but spend a lot of time in Duck and will be movinig there full time in a couple years. Next spriing/Summer I estimate I'll be there 75% of time.
  2. Thanks. i believe I can see those posts but cannot respond yet. Happy to communicate offline as well
  3. thanks. Main use will be in soundside of Outerbanks...some lakes. Probably ocean side on calm days, inside of Oregon inlet.
  4. Thank you. Having not fished from Kayak in past, I have no idea how much ground I will cover or be willing to cover in an outing, so it's a bit of an unknown for me at the moment. This is why I mentioned getting something I can paddle in and then add pedal option later but I hear what you are saying on some of those models who offer pedal not being great for paddling. Not looking to drop 4K on a Hobie at this time
  5. Right on. Sounds awesome...thanks for the feedback!
  6. Thanks for the note. Definitely considering the Old Town
  7. On the fence. Was considering the vibe shearwater due to it's set up and the fact that I can add in the pedal pod any time. Thought process was buy without, try out paddling and fishing and see how that goes.
  8. Hello all - new to site and looking to get into Kayak fishing in the outer banks. Been surf fishing the past two summers (great flounder fishing this past year) but want to expand into the sound for sure. Open to anyone in the area with advice or if there are local clubs I'm certainly interested! Also looking at Kayaks (new and used) and have been reading posts on here about various ones (old town, Hobie, Vibe) but cannot post or ask about them on for sales forums as I don't have enough posts yet! Thanks in advance for any feedback.