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  1. Copied tightlinevideo. 1/0 deceiver. Eyes are a bit bigger than I was hoping, but I think it’ll catch.
  2. I’ve got a factory gsb skinner with a cork wrapped grip. I bought some heat shrink tube and just wanted to ask for tips, to make sure I don’t ruin anything in the process.
  3. Thanks @eelbasher. I’m tying up a few right now and tying them in less sparse as I go.
  4. I’ve been tying flies for a little over a year and I got into surf fishing this summer and had plenty of success with bucktail jigs. I know the amount of bucktail will affect how fast the jig sinks. I’ve had success with very sparse Clousers. All the bucktail jig I’ve boughten have a far more liberal amount of hair tied in. Does this look too sparse?
  5. Thanks for the tips, Mike. I'm sure I'll find plenty more while exploring this forum.
  6. I’ve been continuing my research and found a post by @Mike Fixter from 2001. “The 2 tools I use 99% of the time are a 1" gouge & a 1" skew”. Any advice on brands or shops to look for?
  7. My Fiancee (I know what a fun word) bought me a Lathe for Christmas. Total surprise to me. Her brother is my fishing partner, who helped with the purchase. Now I need to order some tools. I'm trying to find a drill press and possibly a bandsaw on facebook market place, but anyways... I'm looking for recommendations on turning tools. I don't want to break the bank, but I'd like to purchase something that I won't want to replace immediately and will hold an edge for a while? Should I look for a set or are there only two or three that you find yourself using? I haven't used a lathe since 2007, when we made mini baseball bats in shop class. Which reminds me a funny run in with a friendly police officer in worlds end, but I'll avoid incriminating myself here. Thanks for any insight and I apologize if there is a previous thread that I had missed.
  8. I've been fishing a cobble stone boulder field for the past year with no added traction on my Danner x Patagonia wading boots. Made in the USA was the selling point for me, but it turns out the traction has been solid, for the most part... Needless to say I've taken a couple good spills at 2-3am while leaving for the night and think it's time to invest in some cleats. My question is should I go with the traditional Korkers or screw some spikes into my soles? I had a set of Korkers years ago, working on the mountain in the snow, that I couldn't keep secure and eventually lost the studs, so I am hesitant to purchase another pair. My concern with screw in spikes is that they might degrade the sole, eventually fall out, and are there even when they are unwanted (convience store/package store stop). I've got a pair of Kahtoola microspikes that are incredible in the snow. The brand also has a few other products that seem like they might work in the surf. Does anyone use there products in the surf? I guess it's a toss up, but would appreciate a veteran's take.
  9. It is a memoir about 40 years as a Surf Fishermen. The book chronicles his life in pursuit of Striped Bass. Much of the book involves stories about summer's commercial fishing on Cape Cod. Living out of a buggy on the beaches of Nauset, Race Point catching and selling multiple hundreds of pounds of fish daily, ultimately leading to the Moratorium. It is not a story of a sole fisherman, but a story of a family of fisherman, living together on the beach, each holding their own fishing for cash to avoid an evening of canned "Chicken a la King". It will make you consider dropping everything for a summer in pursuit of that 50 pounder.
  10. I started reading the Fisherman’s Ocean, but haven’t finished it. I’ve had a hard time focusing through the first few chapters. I’ve been meaning to get back to it. I have read Surfcasting Around the Block, which was great. The Snow Storm Blitz! I’ll probably try to scoop up all of Frank’s books. His story telling is captivating. I also really enjoyed Reading the Water and Casting into The Light. My in-laws live on Martha’s Vineyard and I’ve become infatuated by the island and it’s lore.
  11. Just finished reading Eastern TIdes, by Frank Daignault. I really enjoyed the book and I am looking for other book recommendations.