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  1. Thanks for the offer regardless. I have found most of the other boats on the water to be pretty friendly.
  2. Newburyport, MA
  3. Interesting, We have had no luck with heads or tails, only whole smaller mackerel ~6" or 1.5' wide chunks out of larger mackerel. Are you suggesting filets of the mackerel, or pogies (or bunker is what I called them growing up on LI Sound?) We have never seen the water boiling with bunker like I used to see in the 90s in the LI Sound. I would love to liveline, but so far I have only been able to buy fresh, dead mackerel. We are mainly fishing in the river and have had a lot of success anchoring near the rocky shoreline and tossing out chunks. My boat does have a livewell so if I catch some bait I will be able to keep it alive.
  4. This is Nabnasset Lake in Westford, MA.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. Like all of you have said, I am shooting for incremental improvements. Speaking to a bunch of people has honed me in on an egg sinker on the main line, 3' leader and a small chunk of mackerel instead of the tangled mess I was getting with my 3 way rig. Since folks around me were catching larger fish, I did not know if there was something else I could do to improve my catch. Does anyone float their bait with an inline float? Regarding lures, when we went to the tackle store we bought 1 of everything. I did get a hit on a deadly dick and a sand eel rubber lure thing, but no landed fish. I prefer fishing with lures, but bait fishing is easier for my boys. We definitely see fish, mostly on the bottom but certainly mid water as well.
  6. Ok so through trial and error and speaking to a few fishermen, my son and I are catching striper every outting. The problem now is the fish are small. The biggest one we caught was 26" and we have seen folks around us catch larger fish. Is this an issue that the fish are in layers? We have around a 3 foot leader, we are anchored and are using a sliding sinker. Are the bigger fish closer to the bottom, closer to the top? I don't actually know, we are using a small chunk of mackerel or a small whole mackerel is the bait laying on the bottom? We fished a new spot and were picking up crabs in between fish which makes me think the bait does sink to the bottom as well which would mean the leader length doesn't matter? My son is hooked, he wants to fish all the time now.
  7. How about a wirewheel?
  8. We have gone there a bunch of times and tossed all sorts of lures and came up empty. Are you supposed to fish that on an outgoing tide?
  9. Thank you for the offer of help, folks around us were very friendly and someone offered us a freshly caught fish. Hopefully I will get my post count up.
  10. Yes, I was doing more research, it seems that you use a 3 way for drifting and FF for anchored fishing. If I am not catching fish, I need to move the bait higher or lower water column. I do this through adjusting the leader on a fish finder and adjusting the sinker length on the 3 way? Does that make sense?
  11. Great points Dan, folks on the water around here are pretty friendly, but there is only so much I feel comfortable asking. I am not sure how to use the rig that everyone else was using, that is where I was looking for clarity.
  12. My son and I are new to striper fishing as we bought a boat last year. We are fishing in the Merrimack River, in Massachusetts, in 10-35 feet of water near the mouth, Carr island if you know the river, on an incoming tide. Our setups are 6000/8000 series reels with mh/h poles and 20 pound braid. As recommended by the local tackle shop, we are using a "fish finder" setup which is a sliding weight holder, a 3 foot leader and a #7 circle hook. We had clams and chunks of fresh mackerel on these hooks. The river runs from 1-3 mph so the drift is pretty good. We got skunked, only caught bottom once, but nothing even stole our bait. Folks around us were catching keeper size fish, but not a ton. What are we doing wrong? I could see the fish on the fish finder, but never hooked into one. How do you setup a fishfinder setup, I am not sure I know how to set the depth. It feels like to me that was my issue. Should the sinker be dragging the bottom? Thanks, Chris