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  1. I am interested in investing in a vega duplicator. I understand the Midi is no longer in production, but I am looking to get a little feed back / first hand knowledge on the differences between the Midi and pro. Besides track lengths and price, what are the major differences? It does not seem like the cutters are interchangeable - a pro cutter can not be used on the midi and vice versa? I have visited the vega site and looked around - there is not a ton of information out there. If I were to come across a midi, a concern would be having to replace the cutter. If it is no longer produced, I am assuming cutters are in low supply. Are there easy work arounds to this?
  2. I have struggled to find any success throwing Darter's in the northern long island sound / ct coast line. I have tried fishing them close to inlets / river mouths, where there is a a slight current (among other places) and where I know there are fish, but fail to even get a bump. Just wondering if anyone has any tips/suggestions and/or if others have experienced the same.
  3. SS and Northbar Tackle. The SS has such a reputation its hard to not give it a try / figure out how to fish it.
  4. I will give that a try. I have been throwing the SS and NorthBar tackle darters. Maybe the smaller profile will work. I have gotten into some decent fish ( ~30lbs) in the areas I am fishing so I wouldn't expect the SS to be oversized.
  5. Anyone have any recommendations on a decent drill press vise? I'm not looking to break the bank - trying to keep it under $100. I am thinking of going w/ something that is 5 or 6 inches wide. I have been eyeing the Grizzly ones but have never used their products.
  6. Yes, I have had good success on mag darters among other plugs.
  7. Will do. I appreciate the offer.
  8. Any thoughts on a vr 75 versus a vsx 100? Seems like the max drag is the main differentiator. But how often are you really applying max drag…
  9. Any pictures?
  10. That's very good to know. I'm still considering my options, I am assuming I will end up w/ one of them, so I am sure I will reach out at some point. I have seen some of you other posts, and its seems like you are / have used a Vega and then you are getting more detailed w/ your own free hand duplicator? Do you have experience on the Pro / Midi? Both? Any preference for one or the other?
  11. I have a Jet 1221vs. Pretty sure they have 16" travel in the pro model. I would be limiting myself w/ the track length, but at the moment, the sole purpose would be to try and turn a few of my own plugs.
  12. How long do the eel skins stay good for? Are you doing anything to preserve them?