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  1. Hello. $140 local meet up - I'm in Prov.
  2. I'll guess a bluefish bit it - and possibly accidentally.
  3. Hill

    Surf bag help

    If you do go lower end Surf Rite, you must at least splash for the 'Supreme' version, which is much more durable than the cheapest one. SC-9000S is the 3 tube. Height is no good if you need super lengthy plugs, but otherwise it's 'good enough' in a lot of situations. If you are prone to getting hooks in the fabric, seal the inside of the flap with something like Plastidip, metal tape, etc.
  4. Hill

    Lami gsb111mhs

    I don't know about Lami rod/blank designations exactly, but I think this is equivalent to a 1321MH. If so, it's not going to be a joy for throwing 1 oz. It's a pretty stout blank.
  5. Hill

    2023 goals

    Learn a few new plugs Land a 25" tog from shore Fish the salt ponds more Leave after 'last cast' lol Fish with LockedDrag's crew at least once lol
  6. Another thing to be aware of, and take reasonable measures to protect yourself from, in addition to tick borne diseases.
  7. You'd have to be up there in years to have used the actual disputed ROW I take it. Thought the whole case rested now on an old map found in the Town files, first hand knowledge would just be icing on the cake.
  8. Did a little reading on the subject the other day--for gray seals specifically, their repopulation was slowed in if I remember correctly 1988 and 2002 by virus outbreaks. So perhaps another will be in store. As I understand it, based on genetic testing, the whole mass of gray seals in the NW atlantic can be considered as a single breeding population, such is their range and willingness to intersperse.
  9. Anybody have the historic context of why MA and ME paid bounties to take out the 'nuisance'? Was it always just because they interfered with fishing or other reasons? Out of curiosity, do the Native American tribes have recognized rights/traditions of taking them?
  10. Was just out for a walk a couple weeks ago and saw one working the middle of a breachway on the outgoing. There are a few up around Providence too.
  11. Offer $25 for the other NB and the 247 needle. Can drop off if you happen to drive through Providence if it saves shipping.
  12. I'm no canal expert, but both are good. If it's close quarters I do what others are doing. If I'm relatively alone and nothing is hitting with one technique, I'll try the other -- simple as that. Sometimes they're actually not far from the bank and plugging or a lighter bucktail can do just fine in terms of depth in that case. If it were up to me and not the fish/crowds, I'd go with plugs because tossing really heavy stuff gets old. But the fish ultimately get to pick.
  13. I'll take it - will coordinate with you for pick up. Thanks.
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