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  1. "This is the bill to ensure that some private hired security guard etc cant come down and either fence off or scare us off the beach due to a vague and undetermined version of the 28 year average of the high tide line." Doesnt a fence stop weeds? I like the intent, but doesnt this give people incentive to build walls that cause the weed line to be wherever they want it to be?
  2. I got no love that same time either, probably three miles from you if I had to throw out a guess. Water literally smelled like menhaden, absolutely. Nothing like that plus the strawberry moon rising to make you feel like you should give up fishing for not getting any lol
  3. Ok - PM me your payment info please.
  4. Offer $64 for the BG4000 if it's still available. Thank you.
  5. Offer $22. Thanks
  6. No comments on the Midnight Wonderbread in the background of the first video?
  7. Happened to me for the first time a couple weeks ago. Had the fish right in front of me in the shallows, a high slot size fish. It shakes, goes tail out of the water, and is loose. I think, no big deal I already kept one and was going to release it anyway. Then I look down and my plug is gone--only possibility is it slid right off the clip. Sure, doesn't seem to happen often, but it is by design a clip that does not lock in any way.
  8. Had my limit of Fresh Catch a few times, def in the rotation during the summer months, goes down easy with fish and chips.
  9. Could help more if you list what settings you're using. Is it not clear because of motion blur? Remedy: Shoot in Shutter priority (increase shutter speed til crisp) and up the ISO as necessary to match. Is it not clear because autofocus cant lock the subject? Remedy: Assuming youre shooting relative close ups, choose single autofocus, and choose Spot which will prioritize focus on the center of the frame. Is it not clear because aperture is wide open and depth of field is very shallow? Remedy: Shoot in Aperture mode and increase ISO til your Shutter speed is adequate to not have motion blur (really full manual mode would be better).
  10. Yesterday, kid hooked a keeper tog in about 2 feet of water on a 1/0 hook with worm, start of incoming. Good times.
  11. I basically just use an old pair of Merrell or Salomon hikers and epoxy in hex head sheet metal screws. Apply a round of shoo goo and more epoxy to replace the screw or two you've lost by mid-season and it does alright, for many situations anyway, without tons of weight or bulk.
  12. You said you don't pass the knot through the guides on cast. So try a uni to uni knot, because in that case knot profile doesn't matter. Also triple check for cracks, burrs, etc in your guides and tip top. If the above don't stop failures, then try to step up main line to 40 lb test. Shock leader in spinning outfits can cause about as many problems as it solves, but would be a last resort in my opinion. Easier to bump up main line so long as it is braid.
  13. Those look pretty good. I've tried similar with casting egg, and the tough thing about the egg in this situation is the huge splash it creates. I feel like I'm probably annoying the bejesus out of flyrodders in the area. Might be better to use a light rod if you have it with a foam float that weighs 1/4oz or so.
  14. Ha, don't get all greedy foxfai (just kidding) I'd be in for the GSB as well, could pick up later today.
  15. Nice work. Tennis ball cans also fit evenly into milk crates if you get to a point of swapping things.