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  1. Thanks, that's probably the safe thing to do. I will do some test wraps on scrap blanks since it's been years since I've done one so I may play with the CP on them.
  2. I have a couple rods I want to make so I took the rod building tote out of basement storage. The CP seems to have thickened a bit, although I honestly don't recall the viscosity from when I bought it in 2007. It's Gudebrod 811 and the bottle says to thin with alcohol. Can I assume they DNA is OK to use? Also, what consistency am I shooting for? It's probably half of a 2oz bottle so I'm going to have to buy more soon anyway...just figured I'd not waste what I already have. Thanks!
  3. I recently picked up a rod I started building in 2015 with the idea of finishing it for a friend's 50th birthday gift. My resin was also amber and quite hard so I threw it out. Wish I knew that epoxy had no expiration! Whaler, if these are still available, I'd be more than grateful. I've started inventorying my supplies and have enough blanks and guides for a few rods but no thread finish. I started looking at my old supply houses and am surprised at how expensive things have gotten! Rod Bond in particular seems to have gone through the roof...glad I still have some of that!
  4. I believe Dick sold off most, if not all, of his inventory last year when he closed shop. There are probably some floating around with some builders, especially some local to the Philly area.
  5. The Trouble with Tripel
  6. The transferred foil cleans up with some denatured alcohol. Not that I would know
  7. That was me doing the demo. Here is the pen we got through the group buy: And here is a more expensive, corded pen: I did a lot of research on these pens, so if anyone has any questions about them, send me a PM or email.
  8. It's Snoopy, not a skull and crossbones
  9. My guess is that everything's a hallway when it comes to Brian's hotdog.
  10. Who's BaitBoy?
  11. Any input on this handheld? It'll be used in a small boat (Brian's boat, but don't tell him ) in Delaware bay. Are there any features on a more expensive model that the Garmin doesn't have that are really "needed"? Thanks.
  12. Do yourself a favor---have a body composition test before you start the diet. This will establish a baseline and will allow you to determine if all that weight you lost was fat or muscle. I've seen many people lose lots of weight on this and other diets, only to still have a lot of fat. Losing muscle is only detrimental in the end. Just my $.02
  13. Are these still going to be covered under the usual Orvis warranty?
  14. Technically, only iron can rust since rust is iron oxide. Aluminum and other metals (whether they contain iron or not) can only "oxidize". Or something like that. I just buy pliers from the dollar store and soak them in coca cola after they get too rusty.
  15. I've been eyeing them up myself. They have a 26 inch widescreen HD for $800 and a 27 inch regular HD for $700. Please let me know if you get any info, either positive or negative.