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  1. I could very easily customize one for you to give you the desired orientation. Shoot me an email if you are interested That being said I can comfortably run a two tube on both sides of a slim belt and wear it slightly off center to have the hard stop in the center is the back. The shorter utility belt side doesn’t travel as far around obviously but I had no issues accessing the entire bag. thanks zbeltsurfcasting@gmail.com
  2. No water retention issues. The main support belt is made of neoprene.
  3. 75$ for the belts. Velcro and a roller locking buckle for main fastening strap
  4. Haha lookin is free touching costs money
  5. Thanks Nick, correct give it a freshwater rinse with the hose and let it air dry
  6. Hi Everyone this is Luke Znosko with Z belt. Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive feedback I see on here for my products. I wanted to start this thread to answer any questions you guys have. I see a lot of guys talking about belts, bags and load outs. Most of the threads on here reference the gen1 Z Belt. The gen2 regular z belt provides 20% more carrying capacity and the gen2 slim allows for offset orientation for those that want the plug bag to come all the way around front past the hip. Grateful for everyone in this industry and cant wait to answer any questions you have 1st picture is for fun 2nd picture illustrates the regular vs the slim belt 3rd picture is my goofy mario looking ass with a RI schoolie from fall 2021 Enjoy
  7. Thank you for your feedback. When tensioning your heavy plug bag on your z belt it works best to lay it on a flat surface. Slightly over tighten the plug bag utility belt so the z logo end of the belt just barely comes up off the flat surface. Try this out. You might need to play with it a little bit to get it right in the sweet spot where your bag will not sag but will still be able to glide easily from small of back to hip for access. Let me know if this helps thanks Luke
  8. Luke here with Z belts weighing in. I offer lifetime replacement on velcro for free because it has a fixed cycle life. I use 20000 cycle count velcro on all my belts. I personally fish considerably more than the average surfcaster and have to replace my own velcro every other season. I am fine with this because I have to replace my korker soles at least once a season, usually replace my braid 2-3 times per season and service my VS annually. Getting your belt repaired costs the customer 17$ total for to and from shipping and I usually turn them around in a day or two The more you adjust your belt and take it on and off during fishing the quicker you will wear out the velcro. I have experimented with other fastening methods but have not found one that can match the comfort and range of adjustability as the current offering. The roller lock buckle that comes standard with the gen2 extends the life and provides extra security for swimming. Furthermore the Gen2 has 20% more usable belt space than the gen1 and I developed the Gen2 slim to allow fisherman that do not have great trunk twist range of motion to wear the belt offset so they can get the plug bag further around to the front. I also introduced 3 additional sizes to accommodate more anglers. The z belt was originally designed for my fishing style. That is one where the plug bag and or tools will never be able to swing past the front of the hip. I like all my stuff secured behind my elbows so it doesn’t interfere with my cast or rod maneuvering. I have good trunk twist mobility so I have no issues accessing my plugs or tools. * I really appreciate all of the positive feedback I see on here and other platforms for my product. As you can see by the evolution of the gen2 I take customer feedback and incorporate it into my products. So keep the feedback coming! * Keep them taught boys Luke