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  1. Abrasion resistance. I love Jbraid grand and use it on most of my reels but it is not very abrasion resistant. Braid in general is not, but Jbraid is so soft that it feels great on your casting finger but even terrible at abrasion. suffix 832 is good imo, it’s feels coarse and wire like compared to jbraid, loses color quicker but lasts well. Jbraid is best casting in my opinion.
  2. Rapala has some cool stuff most of which you don’t get in USA. Where can I buy these?
  3. I have 20lb jbraid grand on the reel and it’s on a 9ft ODM DNA. I know I can’t cast 300 yds but I’d like the line on the reel so I don’t need to ever think about running out of line if I get a good fish on of any kind. Line capacity is the reason I got the 75 over a 50 though I will get the spare spool machined and see if there is a difference.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to do this once I find a full service video for the VR75 or have Vanstaal walk me through it so I don’t void warranty. I have a spare VR50 spool that I’ll get spooled by machine and see if that makes a difference - it should not, but I was not able to get 300yds of 20lb jbraid on the VR75 spool when spooled manually either. I got maybe 200 because there is a lot left over on a 300yd refill spool.
  5. Yes. Can’t have an unmarried president now can we. That would be unprecedented.
  6. I finally got around to the beach and had some real casting time with the reel. I lost two plugs and the top 20-30 yards of line to wind knot snaps before the reel started casting right. That was weird! I have never lost plugs like that. Not sure if I overfilled the spool as shown in the pics. It was actually less windy than usual on this day and I am used to casting into the wind with the same rod and line on a different reels (daiwa 3000/4000).
  7. You cannot buy most things in store these days. Buying online is the only option. Last three times I went to my local store the were out of barrel swivels of any kind
  8. ‘Florida sport fishing” on YouTube has a great seminar on slow pitch. Entertaining and informative.
  9. Thats why we have two hands!
  10. I am too lazy to be a tinkerer but thanks for the tip!
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. I looked up some videos last night and lay looks slightly bottom heavy on these reels, seems I am not that far off from others who posted pics above. I am not looking for beautiful line lay but was concerned about button heaviness and potential wind knots. I live near windy beaches and wind knots are the worst!
  12. 20# J-braid x8 grand.
  13. I got my new VR75 and this is how it looks after I spooled it up and made perhaps 15 test casts. It looked a little bottom heavy to me so stopped spooling when the back of spool filled up just right. I am not sure if this is normal. Should I be concerned? Thanks!
  14. Yes, they both have free replacements if it is a factory defect and a set price for a “user fault” breakage. In case of phoenix, I believe it is lifetime and st croix covers for 15 years. I am not saying all rod manufacturers should have 15 year warranty. It is one thing not to have a good warranty to back your product. It is another to not be willing to replace broken parts because you have a new version of the product.
  15. St Croix, Phoenix