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    Kayak fishing, shore fishing, Ice fishing, boat fishing.
    Location: All over MA, sometimes in Maine, sometimes in NH, sometimes in the Gulf of Mexico (Family lives on gulf coast, grew up there)
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    MA (fish south shore and north shore) also fish Alabama gulf coast (original home)

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  1. I wouldn’t do it. Fly + kayak = tangle
  2. What to carry depends on trip and target species but some things are constant. I have a kayak checklist for loading car. Here is part of it:
  3. Oh ,and have zero doubt, I am NO tournament angler. Just your average kayak critter happy to have something to screw around with in the garage when the fishing in MA is slow. Hope the weather stays cold for a few days and freezes some water so I can get out and ice fish.
  4. Roger that. Too much stuff on kayak can be problematic. I have been that knucklehead and i try to avoid it. I am a 2-3 rod guy (most =4) and fish in a revo 13. I add side kicks = outriggers for stability in salt and seldom launch in significant surf. I lived in San Diego and those launches/ landings demanded horizontal rods for landing, with it all strapped down and a bare minimalist stow it or lose it mentality. My launches in MA have not resulted in a flip in last 3 years and only one in the last 7, and that one was an ill advised windy fools errand with one rod. Have not flipped ever with side kicks = outriggers,, and i fish pretty calm waters most days.
  5. one for net, 3-4 for rods, a couple extra just for the hell of it. Lets me put rods on left and cast from right. What’s the harm?
  6. still messing with it but I can reach around and get to them. Plenty of room. usually bring 3-4 rods max. Usually lay rods horizontal if surf landing/ launch. I put floats on all rods (no leashes, know of a guy who drown after getting tangled in leashes after a flip. Usually fish with 3 rods. right handed side arm cast. occasionally tangle but not insurmountable. All good. Been using similar crates since 2009.
  7. I might rotate it 180 degrees so the rod holders are right behind my seat. Still figuring out the logistics. Just fun to have something to tinker with in garage this time of year. Ice fishing soon I hope.
  8. Went for a run around the hood. In the trash pile/junk pile i see a crate with a note that says “free”. Found some pvc in the garage and this is my new creation. Ready for spring!
  9. I pulled the trigger on this PLB. acr ResQLink 400 - SOS Personal Locator Beacon with GPS (Model: PLB-400) 2921 Fits easy in pocket of pfd. registered with coast guard online and battery lasts two years. might save my life. Older brother was in 19 foot boat, 17 miles out. glass calm day. engine died, he had one of these save him. He hit the button and a helicopter showed up and then a boat.
  10. Another skunk night. Using worms on sabiki with a dodger under lights on pier. falling tide. Need to change something.
  11. Smelt bite has been slow! Another skunk night tonight and i froze but i could see a lot of bait / life under lights just no bites. Wind = brutal
  12. put in in warm shower and use shampoo. This is what i do and it was recommended to me by manufacturer.
  13. Life is an adventure! Back in MA tonight! Smelt soon!
  14. Kidnapped and taken to AL and LA last two weeks. Back in MA tonight.