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    Kayak fishing, shore fishing, Ice fishing, boat fishing.
    Location: All over MA, sometimes in Maine, sometimes in NH, sometimes in the Gulf of Mexico (Family lives on gulf coast, grew up there)
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    kayak fishing, gardening, cooking/eating

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    MA (fish south shore and north shore) also fish Alabama gulf coast (original home)

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  1. put in in warm shower and use shampoo. This is what i do and it was recommended to me by manufacturer.
  2. Life is an adventure! Back in MA tonight! Smelt soon!
  3. Kidnapped and taken to AL and LA last two weeks. Back in MA tonight.
  4. Well, i was kidnapped and taken to the gulf coast the last two weeks! Smelt soon!
  5. awesomeness! on it!
  6. Will try and see if i can avoid freezing!
  7. yeah, probably correct. will be looking for shore/pier.
  8. I need to get one. do you have a recommendation? link? thanks
  9. That DIY anchor is like the Mona Lisa! Awesomeness! I did some pretty dumb kayak anchor stuff when i started kayak fishing in 2008. I don’t anchor. I pedal or paddle. My fat butt needs the exercise. Please keep showing pics of stuff you make. wow!
  10. Glad he is ok. Be careful out there. Can and does happen. I have a waterproof VHF radio i clip to life jacket. (clip and leash to PFD). Had since 2010. Recently the thing died (no longer charges). This story is a reminder for me to get another one. Cell phone is not good enough. Also, important just not to go out when nasty. Live to fish another day.
  11. i have used FG knot for braid to fluro. Also used swivel. Swivel is nice for line twist aboidance. bead before swivel to protect rod
  12. I have never had any luck. Be careful with the storm this week.
  13. Rainbow smelt
  14. Going to try for smelt this year from kayak. Will target in MA. probably in a few weeks. Anyone want to go? Night fishing. cold. Dry suit and warm gear.