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    MA (fish south shore and north shore) also fish Alabama gulf coast (original home)

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  1. Maybe, but the fins might punch through?! I have a technique for grabbing them if needed but those fins are sharp. I am kind used to them because I grew up with them. I have grabbed them with the spines trapped sticking out between my fingers and my hand closed tight holding still, but it is risky and two pliers is a better solution.
  2. Saltwater Catfish ! I grew up in Mobile, AL fished gulf of mexico all summer. Riddler is correct, be careful with those saltwater cats. Kind of like sea robins but worse and no good to eat. Riddler’s technique seems awesome. I am also unfortunately familiar with the poke from the fins. I use two pliars: grab fish wth one and hook with the other.
  3. awesomeness!!!
  4. This is so dang cool! I have a smallish garage and I have my kayak hanging from the ceiling on a pully device. I lower it onto the car top of my civic. I might measure a small truck and see if it will fit and the bed extender would allow me to basically drop in in the bed rather than on the roof. Might just work! Thanks for all the info and the pictures! Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Yeah, I get annoyed with boats when I am in a kayak and I try to be nice to people in kayaks when I am in a boat. Some of my favorite fishing is when no one else is around. If you are fishing in either a kayak or a boat, be the nice dude that waves, keeps going and travels to a different spot. Be the nice guy that loads and launches quickly and does not hog the boat ramp. And while you are at it, let the guy in who is trying to change lanes with an obvious blinker on while you are riding back home. Life is too short to be a turd. Plenty of water for everyone.
  6. awesomeness! Thanks!!
  7. Be careful out there. Wear a PFD the whole time. Dress for emersion. Float plan, radio, PLB, caution on bad days. Live to fish another day.
  8. Love boats and kayaks. Both are great. Kayak fits in my small garage. Unfortunately no room for boat. Kayak gives me exercise while fishing: 2 birds. Boat covers more water. Want a big ugly aluminum boat one day. For now, kayak.
  9. Jacks fight like beasts! Awesome fish! Beats freezing and working in Boston (my week) thanks for sharing the pics and the journey! It is cold here and I have yet to find the elusive early winter smelt bite. Florida looks good! Safe travels!
  10. I have used several cast nets over the years. Most recently I bought a black pearl cast net. It is expensive but works great. very heavy. 1.9 pounds per foot which is crazy heavy and fast sinking. I got 6 foot radius (6 foot net). I get more bait than I can use on a single cast. It is probably over-kill but I like it. For shrimp, any net is probably OK if you are throwing in shallow area. IMO. My twin brother loves Betts. Good luck!
  11. cast net.
  12. same
  13. thanks! sorry, my goof