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  1. I think I’m going to try it out and see if it has any effect. I know what you mean, but I have yet to be spooled. Appreciate your insight
  2. haha, I get your point. I fish the FL with 40 pound braid no problem. It’s not that much of a difference. I use the stradics on the canal. Love how smooth these reels are. I was just curious to see other folks’ opinion on it. Appreciate your take. You really think it’s as simple as pulling it out with pliers?
  3. I hear you, I think you can pull it out with pliers from what I have read. But idk how they think this is “new” technology. Was in the Stella FK. I hope someone can provide some input.
  4. Just got the new Stardic FM and am having some hesitation on this new (to me) anti twist fin. I only fish braid and typically use 40 pounds. One can only wonder if this will eat away at the braid and potentially cause line to break. I do have confidence in Shimano and do question my thinking as it would be crazy for a reel company to introduce that risk to its reel’s performance. has anyone been able to take it off, and is it easy to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I had never trolled a tube before and man did it pay off the last few times. But today I got a few 40” class fish the biggest being a 46”. I was using the 19” high red tube and the swivel weight 4 ounce they make for it. I put the weight at the top with a swivel and then tied a 3ft leader to the red tube. Then added the Fishbites. I guess the Fishbites really work, would appreciate any one else unique tips. Or feedback and criticism to this rig. Tight lines!
  6. Don’t sleep on Kast King Braid, it’s cheap and reliable. I’ve never had any issues… I got 1100 yards for $35 and I cut 6-8 feet after every full day of fishing and replace it every month depending on how often I fish. I find that replacing braid and getting rid of the first few yards helps.
  7. Yes sir! The black and silver has only been fished a handful of times and has 40 pound blue courtland while the gold and silver has been fished a little more but not much. As you can see I have alot of reels and more that aren’t in this picture so I treat them well and always on a boat, no sand. These are solid reels. I’m open to selling the 3500s. Let me know what you are thinking. I’ll DM you now
  8. I have 3500 in black/gold and silver/black. I got a VS so I stopped fishing the penns.
  9. That guy was casting 80 pound line or trolling/bait running off boat? Casting that kind of line seems absurd. What do I know
  10. I have a big surplus of largo Shad’s in the 3.5”. I’m worried it might be too big for those. But it might be worth a try to grab a pack and test it. I tried to look it up do you know what times strong the hook is?
  11. This is awesome! Stop at J&B Tackle in Niantic CT, Saltwaters Edge in RI & Canal Bait & Tackle on the Cape Cod Canal. Please keep the group updated on your success and experience. BOL!
  12. Looks like they have white coated ones, that’s a miss on my end. How do you feel about the jigs ability to hold a rubber paddletails? Maybe super glue might do the trick?
  13. These are all great points! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see where it was hooked bc it split it out as soon as it go on the dock. I did lift the fish 4-5 feet I didn’t have the net in the area at the moment. It seems like it was the perfect storm. Over used jighead, bad penetration in a bad area of the mouth and then raising it 4-5 feet. I appreciate your input !
  14. Do you have any pictures of previous jigheads you have bought ?
  15. Yeah I would say I’ve caught about 15-20 ish fish with that specific jighead. I’ve been using these hooks for 2 seasons including this one and they have been pretty solid. I like how the color stays on and the head gives the body a great profile. I’m referring to the largo shad white/Pearl. What do you mean by poor penetration? Hook is still razor sharp even mangled and when I brought the fish up on the dock it spit it out. I assume it was on the lip or mouth area, where it was caught. Thanks!
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