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  1. Hi guys.. Old thread i know..but how's everyone's feedback on these spoons after use? want to pull the trigger on some of these as loosing Kastmasters are heavy on the wallet haha. any info appreciated greatly..
  2. the splits you recommended work even without enlarging the holes mate, MUCH easier to install compared to regular split ring brands..but enlarging the holes by just that little bit makes it super easy to get the split ring on!!
  3. 3/4oz and 1oz Kastmaster doing good the last two outings. i've upgraded the hardware (splits-hooks-bucktail). good light tackle fun!! Over here in my country (Sri Lanka), the Kastmaster works really great for a lot of species..Literally the only lure you need to fish from the shore..
  4. They looks to be brass core..i could see gold shavings when drilling out the holes. you're right...the hardware that comes with the spoons now are total junk for sure. it would be next to impossible to find an old stock of these mate. i prefer to dress the spoon in future will just buy the plain lure (without hard ware).
  5. hi managed i managed to source some 4101 stainless split rings ( as suggest by @BG_NJ ) ..they were much easier to install than other splits i've tried (eg Owner etc)...i was able to get the 4101 split rings on the Kastmaster with much less difficulty..however..the split ring barely fit into the hole and i felt it did not have enough movement because the hole was very small in diameter.. so i drilled out the hole on the Kastmaster by +1.5mm and then tried to install the splits..OMG the split ring installed so easily !! Above was before enlarging the are the stock rings. Holes enlarged by +1.5mm Finished item above...the split ring has plenty of free movement now!!! below are the splits you'd need for 1 & 1.5oz Kastmaster (fits both sizes if holes are enlarged) and the web site i got them from.. Very grateful to all who took the time to help...just thought i'd update this thread as there may be others who were having the same issues..hopefully this info will help !!
  6. great info. actually found the rings you suggested. trying to buy some thank you very much for the info..
  7. thanks appreciate it fellas.
  8. bending the ends close is a great idea! thank you
  9. Hi mike, the above would fit..but given i'd have to use a fairly large you think it would affect the action of the spoon? these are going on smaller 1-1.5oz spoons..probably wont make any different on the larger size spoons as they have a very strong swimming action..
  10. OK thank you..i will have a look at them!
  11. Any recommendation for thin wire (but strong) split ring to try out?
  12. Hi, i've never tried..but where are you going with this? i am little confused haha (i am no expert)
  13. Hi thank you so much for the tips!! appreciate it very much. they are great..i am from the tropics and i use them for gt/trevally off the beach. they go mad when they see a kastmaster haha
  14. PP isnt much more than any other good braid..PP and suffix 832 are my go to's. if you want a good budget braid..try KastKing..for the price ,its great. 20lb Kastking breaks at around 14-15lb (i've tested it at home/lower breaking strength than more expensive brands) something to keep in mind i suppose..
  15. Hi guys, hoping someone could help me out! i love using my 1-1.5oz kastmaster spoons on the surf. i often find the factory hooks/splits get rusty very fast which is a shame cos kastmasters are not cheap. I've tried to change out the split rings on the kastmasters..but i find that in order to get the split ring on the spoon..i have to use a very big split (owner #8-9)..even then its a mission to get the split ring on. the large size split rings also don't allow for much free movement of the hook as the hole on the spoon (where split ring fits) is not very large in diameter.. i've considered drilling out the hole (making it larger) in order to get the split ring on easier..but i don't want to weaken the spoon by doing so... what split rings do you guys upgrade to on the smaller 1-1.5oz spoons? the factory rings are thin wire and large they are easy to put on/take off...are there any upgraded split rings i can use which are also thin wire/large diameter, but stronger than the original splits? any help greatly appreciated...many thanks in advance...