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  1. Im not here to fight with you I was just venting over the fact that as an American these days I feel like a second class citizen.
  2. He shut down the keystone pipeline for one.
  3. Evidence: https://editorials.voa.gov/a/president-biden-increases-refugee-admissions-to-u-s-/6284310.html
  4. Wow
  5. Our population would be fine if we didn’t keep allowing illegals and refugees to flood our neighborhoods.
  6. I certainly hope they come down. Boats are $10k more this year than last year. I can’t afford one.
  7. Don’t forget that we were producing more oil under Trump. Prices weren’t “artificially” low. They were low for a reason: we had a competent president.
  8. I guess a kayak can only get you so far.
  9. Please help. I just had the most frustrating day of excellent fishing. Every time I put the anchor down it would just drag along the bottom as the current pulled me off the structure. When I finally had the anchor secure on the structure and cleeted on the yak, the current was pulling the yak under. how do you guys anchor your kayaks on structure?
  10. I agree that the best way to gain knowledge is first hand and scouting locations in person during slack tides but I was basically looking for a way to gauge the current so that I’ll be able to anticipate what kind of weight I need when I’m out fishing. That’s really what I meant by “planning” for a trip.
  11. That’s genius!
  12. I was recently checking out a 99 galaxy legacy. I was looking for some reviews online but couldn’t find any. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with these boats and their sea-worthiness?
  13. How would you consider the littoral drift without being at the beach? From the structure that’s been there and judge based upon erosion or accretion?
  14. Hey guys, I’m just a wanna be who puts a rod in his hand. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can from the old timers and friends around. This site has been a very useful resource for googans like me. With that out of the way: does anyone know how to determine the speed of the current before planning a trip? Or is it one of those things you find out once you drop your line? Thanks for your help (and make the cheap shots funny at least).