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  1. Nice, great replies. Has anyone tried suspending baits eg worms successfully for lakers?
  2. Hi all, has anyone had much consistent success going for lakers without a downrigger/trolling? I would be fishing from a kayak, wanted to know whether anyone has caught any, maybe by dragging spoons/deepwater hardbodies. Thanks!
  3. Check out the Shakespeare Slingshot if you can find them, really great value for the money, comes with a hard case and spare tip as well.
  4. I've targeted them before in the Charles, there's some HUGE ones in there. No way would I recommend eating them from there though (or anything else out of there, for that matter).
  5. I personally use G Loomis for ultralight, they feel incredible, paired with a Daiwa BG. The rods aren't too expensive, go for $150-200 if I recall correctly.